Hamptons Police Respond to Camp Hero Cosplayers

Camp Hero cosplayers
Camp Hero cosplayers, Photo: Frederic_Prochasson, imagecom/123RF, Oliver Peterson

Hamptons police received several calls over the weekend with people reporting seeing “strangely dressed guys who looked like they stepped out of the history books” in the vicinity of Camp Hero State Park in Montauk.

The callers had notes of panic in their voices, police say, undoubtedly caused by recent hype surrounding the so-called Montauk Project stories, which claim that the government performed experiments in time travel, teleportation, and other exotic research in the area now encompassed by the park.

Police investigated, and indeed found several people dressed in historical costume—one man was dressed as the Marquis de Lafayette, another as Nikola Tesla, and there were a whole bunch who looked like characters out of the wild west.

When questioned, it turned out these were all modern-day individuals engaged in cosplay and not, in fact, the results of government research into time travel.

Police allowed the costumed individuals to continue their game.

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