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Hamptons Subway Newsletter: Week of June 9–15, 2017

Week of June 9–15, 2017
Riders this past week: 33,303
Rider miles this past week: 217,902

Candace Bushnell and Gail Sheehy were seen on the subway traveling to Sag Harbor from Bridgehampton on Wednesday afternoon. Donald Trump or Alec Baldwin, it was hard to tell which, was on the subway heading from Quogue to Southampton on Sunday. George Filopoulos, the developer of Gurney’s in Montauk, was seen heading to Napeague from Amagansett on Friday morning.

The new wristband program begins next Monday, concurrent with the fare increase we announced, by which a ride will go from $2.50 to $2.75.

When Hampton Subway opens on Monday morning, only riders wearing wristbands will be allowed through the turnstiles. Get them at the token booths. There will be four colors: Platinum, Silver, Red and Yellow. Platinum wristbands will be for American Express Platinum Card holders, and each will get a reserved seat in the lead car and thus be first into every station. Silver wristbands are for JP Morgan Chase Titanium credit card holders and will allow you seating in the second car. Red wristbands are for anyone with a debit card and are good for the third car. People who pay cash get all the other cars.

In line with Donald Trump’s new income tax plan which will give big savings to the rich, those with Platinum wristbands get their subway cards for $2.25 a ride, those with Silver and Red wristbands pay the full $2,75 a ride and those with yellow wristbands pay $3.50 a ride.

The street level entry for the Southampton station has moved. Until yesterday, the stairs down were on the southwest corner of Main Street and Nugent Lane, but this morning, the entry is at Jobs Lane and Windmill Lane in front of the Jobs Lane Gastro Pub. Maintenance workers coming down to the platform at 5 a.m. in preparation for the 6 a.m. start of the day’s procedures noticed it and informed headquarters. We have no idea who moved it. But we’ve put up a sign with an arrow where the old entrance used to be.

Token Clerk Gladys Hasselman has been selected as June’s Employee of the Month. Framed certificates of her award will be up on all the platforms walls before the week is out. The Employee of the Month has been selected by Commissioner Aspinall every month for the last four years. Gladys will be the 48th employee selected. Since we only have 48 employees, she is the last employee who had never been selected Employee of the Month, and her special honor will be inscribed right below her picture on the certificates. Next month, unless somebody quits or gets fired and we hire somebody new, the Employee of the Month will have to be someone who has been Employee of the Month before. Everybody should work especially hard this month during Glady’s reign to be in position to get this next month’s award.

A scene from the upcoming movie Die Hard 26 is being filmed in the Hampton Bays station on Monday evening. Bystanders may watch from behind a velvet rope on the platform. A subway train will roar out of the eastern tunnel and stars Bruce Willis and Dwayne Johnson, who’d been lying atop the lead car, will jump up and begin a fist fight for three seconds than then lay down flat as the train barrels off into the western tunnel. If they do it wrong, they get killed. But don’t worry. It will only be stunt doubles.


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