New ‘Wonderstruck’ Trailer Dazzles, Julianne Moore Stars

Still from the "Wonderstruck" trailer
Still from the "Wonderstruck" trailer

Amazon Pictures released the new trailer for Montauker Julianne Moore‘s upcoming film Wonderstruck on Thursday, July 20.

The film is an adaptation of the young adult novel by Brian Selznick, which tells the story of an orphaned deaf boy from the Midwest seeking answers about his past in 1977 New York City. It also follows a young deaf girl, Rose, who leaves her home in Hoboken, New Jersey to find a famous actress in 1927 New York City. In order to capture the deaf experience, director Todd Haynes (Velvet GoldmineCarol) left much of the partly silent film without spoken dialogue, and he actually cast a number of deaf actors, including Millicent Simmonds, who plays Rose.

This trailer looks brilliant and gives us a peek at why the movie received a more than three-minute standing ovation after its premiere at the 70th Cannes Film Festival in May.


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