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Behind the Hedges: Sagaponack Home for $5 Million

Looking for a deep dive into Hamptons real estate? is the premier real estate and lifestyle destination on Long Island’s fabled East End, featuring in-depth insights and exclusive content tailored to the Hamptons. Here’s a sampling of what you’ll find on Behind the Hedges.

Usually in our posts, we put the location of a property in the title. This property, however, is in one of those odd no-man’s lands that happen in the Hamptons. The listing says Sagaponack, but it’s not really Sagaponack. We thought it might be Bridgehampton, but it’s not that either. The postal address is Sag Harbor, but it’s fairly far from Sag Harbor. Wherever it is, it really is homey, private, and feature-laden, however! Read more at

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