Billy Joel Wears Yellow Star of David in Wake of Charlottesville Rallies

billy Joel
Billy Joel. Photo credit: Rick Diamond/Getty Images Entertainment/Thinkstock

East Ender Billy Joel, in response to the growing neo-Nazi and white nationalism movement in the United States in the wake of the Charlottesville rallies, wore a yellow Star of David at his Monday night concert at Madison Square Garden. Joel identifies as culturally Jewish and wore the star, which Jews were forced to wear during the Holocaust, on both the lapel and back of his suit blazer.

While Joel hasn’t commented on wearing the star, many others have praised him for his act of protest against hate.

“Now, THIS is How You Do It,” said Joel’s daughter, Alexa Ray Joel on Instagram.

Joel’s ex-wife and fellow East Ender Christie Brinkley also sang Joel’s praises on Instagram. “And on the day of the Solar Eclipse a yellow star appeared on the jacket of another kind of star with a clinched fist that seemed to be gripping painful, no excruciating, memories of loved ones who wore that star to their death. May that star also remind you today of the gold stars pinned to the jackets of soldiers for their bravery and valor for fighting an evil so hideous even the gold stars in the sky were afraid to shine. Thank you Billy for reminding people what was …so it may never ever be again,” she wrote.

Another of Joel’s ex-wives, Katie Lee, expressed admiration for his actions: “Truly in awe of my former husband @billyjoel wearing the yellow Star of David at his concert at MSG last night. He is an incredible man and what a way to take a stand. He continues to inspire me and I hope he does to each and every one of you.”

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