Hamptons Police Explain Eclipse Cancelation

Hamptons Police canceled the total solar eclipse Monday
Hamptons Police canceled the total solar eclipse Monday, Photo: zazastudio, Lisa Young/123RF

After Monday’s planned total solar eclipse was abruptly canceled, the Hamptons Police Department issued a statement explaining the decision.

“After much careful thought, we decided that the potential dangers stemming from this event were too serious to allow it to move forward,” Hamptons Police Department spokesman Larry Hirsch said. “We understand there is a lot of disappointment out there—and, frankly, we were disappointed ourselves—but we know the public expects us to err on the side of safety. We hope to be able to bring the promised eclipse back at an early date.”

Hirsch cited the dangerous solar rays and the community’s inability to resist staring at the sun without proper protection as reasons for the cancelation, but they weren’t able to save everyone.

Despite the cancelation, police report that many locals still attempted to stare up at the sun, which burned fully bright in the sky. The Hamptons Ambulance Corps received numerous calls throughout the day, especially when the sun was at its peak around midday.

“It was not good for anyone,” Hirsch said.

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