Meet John Aldridge and Anthony Sosinski at Dan’s Papers Literary Festival

"A Speck in the Sea"
"A Speck in the Sea, Photo: Inacio Pires/123RF, Weinstein Books

The Dan’s Papers $10,000 Literary Prize for Nonfiction Gala Awards Ceremony and Cocktail Reception is this afternoon, August 31, at 4 p.m. at Guild Hall. This year, there will be a great lineup of readers, speakers and more as the winners are announced for the Dan’s Papers 6th Annual $10,000 Literary Prize Competition. Among the guests at this year’s gala are John Aldridge and Anthony Sosinski, the Montauk-based authors of the thrilling true story A Speck in the Sea, which will soon be a major feature film by the Weinstein Company.

A Speck in the Sea recounts the harrowing 2013 search-and-rescue mission for Aldridge, a fisherman who fell into the ocean in the middle of the night. Sosinski, Aldridge’s friend and fishing partner, helped spearhead Aldridge’s remarkable rescue.

Here’s an excerpt from our review of A Speck in the Sea:

The emotions of Aldridge’s family and the community, and the hope they all cling to, are palpable and inspiring. Aldridge’s family brings another dimension to the story, as memories are reflected upon, which is how the character of Aldridge and the complexity of his different relationships are fully developed. The community in Montauk, particularly the community of fishermen, come together as panic sweeps through town. Many locals volunteer to aid in the search, not even hesitating before heading out to sea. The selflessness and generosity depicted shows the real Montauk. Most think of “The End” as a summer destination for the party animals, but to many it’s home. The history of the area is told in this book both through facts and the relationship people have to it, making part of this story a love letter to Montauk itself.

Meet Aldridge and Sosinski at the Literary Luminaries book signing! For more information on today’s events, visit

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