Google Maps’ Stupid Solution to the Worst Hamptons Traffic Ever

Traffic jam
Photo: Christian Mueller/123RF

Last Thursday was the worst day for traffic in the Hamptons ever.

Usually, it takes about 29 minutes for me to drive from my home in East Hampton to my office in Southampton. I just go down the Montauk Highway all the way.

When the highway is clogged, Google Maps will send me via Sag Harbor to Southampton, and that sometimes takes 37 minutes.

Last Thursday, Google Maps said the fastest way to Southampton would be an hour and 42 minutes. I’d go to Sag Harbor, then Shelter Island, Greenport and Riverhead and finally approach Southampton from the west.

I thought there was something wrong with my phone, and after I tried it again and got the same result, I threw it down and kicked it around the lawn a bit but it still said do it that way.

This is further reason for the Hamptons to approve the widening of the Hamptons Subway tunnels for a doubling of all the trackage.