‘Twin Peaks’ Starring Kyle MacLachlan and Naomi Watts Comes to an End

Kyle MacLachlan
Kyle MacLachlan. Photo: Suzanne Tenner/SHOWTIME

Showtime’s Twin Peaks: The Return will wrap up tonight, September 3. After months of watching East Ender Kyle MacLachlan as he made a long, strange journey back to the titular town after being held against his will in a supernatural prison for 25 years, the show will conclude with what promises to be an epic conclusion.

The largely nonlinear plot of Twin Peaks: The Return defies summarization, but we’ll try our best. Set 25 years after Agent Dale Cooper (MacLachlan) was possessed by the evil entity BOB in the Black Lodge after saving his girlfriend, Twin Peaks: The Return, Cooper finds the exit to the Lodge, which exists on another plane of existence. Upon reentry to the “real world,” a nearly catatonic Cooper switches places with Dougie Jones, his lookalike, in Las Vegas. Unable to express himself, Cooper finds himself dealing with high-strung wife Janey-E (fellow East Ender Naomi Watts), evading random assassination attempts on Dougie and more. Elsewhere, the evil Mr. C (also MacLachlan), who replaced Cooper 25 years ago, wreaks havoc, committing murder and evading supernatural forces trying to return him to the Black Lodge. His actions prompt a new investigation from FBI Agents Gordon Cole (played by director David Lynch) and Albert Rosenfeld (Miguel Ferrer, who passed away shortly after filming), who have been searching for Cooper.

Kyle MacLachlan and Naomi Watts in Twin Peaks
Kyle MacLachlan and Naomi Watts in Twin Peaks. Photo: Suzanne Tenner/SHOWTIME

Meanwhile, back in the town of Twin Peaks, the Log Lady (Catherine E. Coulson, who also passed away shortly after filming) tells the police department that her log has warned her that they’ve missed something related to the death of Laura Palmer (Sheryl Lee). The cops eventually find Laura’s missing diary pages, which hint that Cooper has been taken. Across town despicable rich kid Richard Horne (Eamon Farren) runs over a child while speeding, tries to cover it up and finally meets up with his father, who is revealed to be Mr. C. Richard and Mr. C travel to a strange rock formation, where Mr. C instructs his son to stand on a specific giant rock—where he is promptly electrocuted.

Confused yet? It’s okay. We’ve barely scratched the surface of everything that’s gone on over the past 16 episodes, but you can watch the entire series from start to finish on Showtime this Sunday, as the network is airing a marathon leading up to the finale.

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