Make Hamptons Summer Fun! Beach Games and More from Toy Fair 2018

Wicked Body Bubble Ball at Toy Fair 2018
Wicked Body Bubble Ball at Toy Fair 2018, Photo: Oliver Peterson

Toy Fair 2018 concluded on Tuesday, but we came away with all sorts of new innovations, and outdoor toys and games to make summer a blast for you and your kids in the Hamptons. Have a look at some of our fun finds below.

Wicked Body Bubble Ball (illustrated at top of page)
What do you call something that’s both ridiculous and awesome? Ridiculously awesome, of course! Based in the United Kingdom, Wicked’s absurd and totally fun inflatable suit surrounds the wearer’s body with a bubble of air, allowing him or her to bump into things and bounce around like Violet Beauregarde in a crowd of Oompa Loompas. For the full experience, though, two people need to wear these bloated getups and battle it out, sumo style. Even better—gear up two beach football teams and try playing some gargantuan gridiron. Think of the possibilities.

Morfboard at Toy Fair 2018
Morfboard at Toy Fair 2018, Photo: Oliver Peterson

This modular skateboard/scooter/balance board/pogo board earned some well-deserved buzz around the booths and aisles of Toy Fair this year. Like many of the products we saw, the MorfBoard surprised us. It seamlessly transforms between the various available transport options with a few swift “lock and release” motions—no screwdriver or wrench required. Whether it’s for one kid with multiple interests, a few kids who like different things, or a child who graduates up from scooter to bounce board to skateboard, each MorfBoard form works as well as the other.

And, according to their PR guy, Kopper Overton, this is just the beginning. Naturally, a snow option is already in the works, but who knows what else these things could do? The company gave a MorfBoard to some professional skaters, and while they had to customize it with some grip tape—which is simple—the guys proved it can stand up to legit tricks. The included wheels and trucks can also be removed and replaced with any standard skateboard setup (with the help of tools). Watch the video above to get a better sense of what this unique innovation is all about.

Goblies hand-thrown paintballs at Toy Fair 2018
Goblies hand-thrown paintballs at Toy Fair 2018, Photo: Oliver Peterson

Goblies Throwable Paintballs
The odd but alluring Goblies throwable paintballs are exactly what you’d expect, and kids will love them. Made from seaweed, these bursting projectiles are fully biodegradable but leave a nice colorful splat when striking their intended target. We tried them at Toy Fair and they worked just as advertised. Even better, a mistakenly dropped Goblies ball didn’t break on the floor, but they won’t hurt if struck by one either. The company, created by Briana Gardell in graduate school and successfully Kickstarted in 2015, also makes washable, biodegradable paint for water guns that won’t dry or damage them.

Funsparks wireless speaker
Funsparks wireless speaker

Funsparks Wireless Speaker
It’s very rare to find an inexpensive wireless speaker that produces quality sound that’s also loud enough to actually hear in situation where we’d actually use it, but this adorable Funsparks’ unit packs a crisp punch! To be honest, we were pretty shocked it works so well. Encased in water-resistant rubber, the speaker is smaller than a dollar bill when fully extended, and it hangs easily on bicycle handlebars, cooler handles, a belt loop, shower faucet—whatever! For just under $20, this is a great buy for anyone looking to enjoy headphone-less summer tunes on the go.

Jazzminton by Funsparks
Jazzminton by Funsparks

Funsparks makes a bunch of goodies for beachgoers on a budget. They’ve got perfectly serviceable lawn darts, cornhole and smashball sets, and more. Another standout: Jazzminton. This game brings together Kadima paddles and feathered, badminton-like shuttlecocks for a nicely paced diversion on hot summer days.

Bolaball Kubb at Toy Fair 2018
Bolaball Kubb, Photo: Oliver Peterson

Bolaball Wooden Games
The Bolaball company has a wide range of outdoor games, but we were especially impressed by the line of heirloom wooden products, such as an oversized Jenga set, huge wooden dice, and the Swedish game Kubb (pronounced “Koob”) featuring blocks, sticks and a king piece which must be knocked down. They also offer an array of other outdoor games like cornhole, washer toss and Rollers—combining bocce and horseshoes—invented by a U.S. military veteran.

Bolaball Beer Pong at Toy Fair 2018
Bolaball Beer Pong, Photo: Oliver Peterson

Additonally, for adults, Bolaball makes a really sweet Beer Pong set that holds red cups in place and can set them at various angles. You can use a standard pingpong ball or heavier green ball for outdoor action on windy days. Imagine never having to chase scattered cups again!

Uncle Bubble at Toy Fair 2018
Uncle Bubble, Photo: Oliver Peterson

Uncle Bubble
The biggest bubble booth at Toy Fair 2018, with the biggest bubble, Uncle Bubble is just plain fun. The company makes a variety of bubble toys, including bubbles larger than a human body, bubbles that don’t pop, bubbles inside of bubbles, mini bubbles, Fantasy Wands and more. Uncle Bubble’s Ultra Bouncing Bubble formula made a Guinness World Record for the most bounces with a soap bubble—195 times! Bubble tennis, anyone?

KanJam Hard Count at Toy Fair 2018
KanJam Hard Count, Photo: Oliver Peterson

KanJam Hard Count
An evolution of the already wildly popular KanJam beach frisbee game, Hard Count brings a football into the fray. Players play in teams 2, 3, 4 or more on a 20-yard (or bigger) field, or beach, and score by tossing or dropping the football into the receptacle. Simple but smart. Just like its predecessor.

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