The New Kids


The 21st Century is itself an 18-year-old teenager.

So beware, Gun Nuts of America, The Kids of the new century are gunnin’ for you.

These amazing kids born with the new century are on your filthy scent and The Kids are not gonna take the same old crap from the old gun-sick ghouls from the last century anymore.

The Kids are not gonna allow monsters armed with AR-15s like the ones used in Newtown and Parkland to murder any more of them in cold blood in school anymore.

Not without a ferocious fight.

So beware, you cowards in the leadership of the National Rifle Association, you loudmouth punks like Wayne La Pierre—who couldn’t fight his way out of a nunnery without an assault rifle—who celebrates guns, weapons of war, and oversized bullet magazine clips like they are icons of some sick, twisted death cult.

Beware Wayne LaPierre, you spent shell of a man, The Kids are now gunnin’ for Y-O-U.

And beware all you smug, alt-right wing commentators of Fox News and Breitbart and right wing talk radio discjockeys who demonize The Kids as spoiled brats and paid actors. No, you loudmouth weasels, The Kids are survivors of your aiding and abetting murder. The Kids are braver than any of you. Donald Trump, Rush Limbaugh, and Sean Hannity never survived an assault rifle massacre. None of them ever had to bury family or friends or schoolmates or teachers murdered in a schoolhouse.

None of them ever served a day in the military, the police, or in a battle with anything deadlier than a Neilsen rating.

The Kids are our daughters and sons coming of age in a new century, boiling with rage, and they are now—or soon will be—armed with ballots more powerful than all of the bullets legalized with NRA lobbyist blood money. Instead of brandishing AR-15s, The Kids are locked and loaded with cell phones, reading and viewing The Truth online, using social media to expose your dirty profit-making lies, rejecting your death merchandising, and organizing protests and marches and action in all the media and the streets to topple you.

The Kids are fortified with the buying power of the almighty youth, the demographic that every American sponsor salivates to reach. Why do you think banks, insurance companies, hotel chains, and parcel delivery services are abandoning the NRA like bilge rats from a sinking ship?

Because of The Kids.

Because these businesses know that The Kids—these wonderful, eloquent, passionate, brave and patriotic students—are the America of tomorrow.

And The Kids are on the right side of 21st Century American history.

The Kids are not asking for a repeal of the Second Amendment. They do not advocate for a seizure of all 300 million guns owned by less than one-third of the American people. The Kids just want common sense regulations on new gun purchases, closing gun show loopholes, more mental health resources, older age requirements, thorough background checks that take as much time as it takes to exclude all dangerous people, a limit on magazine sizes, and a real debate about a ban on these weapons of war called assault rifles, which the vast majority of our outgunned law enforcement community supports.

The Kids don’t want their kids to grow up to be murdered at school.

If Federal Law restricts me from purchasing more than 30 over-the-counter Claritin-D pills per month for hay fever, how the hell is it okay to buy thousands of AR-15 rounds?

Beware, you cheap, slithering politicians like Congressman Lee Zeldin: The Kids will make you wear your NRA A-rating for-ev-er like a scarlet letter of shame. The Kids know that you vote on guns, Mr. Zeldin, the way the NRA pays you to vote. The Kids also know that you vote 85 percent of the time with Dirty Donald Trump, whose idiotic solution to school shootings is the NRA’s insane talking point to arm teachers.

The Kids are coming for all of you bums, taking names and firing questions.

How do guys like Lee Zeldin who supports the NRA to an A-rating sleep at night after seeing parents and kids bury 17 more murdered in a school shooting? Knowing that they have taken the NRA blood money and voted to make AR-15s legal in order to keep their jobs?

Why don’t these Congressional escorts just ask the NRA lobbyists to leave the blood money on a dresser?

Watching The Kids last week dismantle bums like Marco Rubio and NRA flack Dana Loesch I was blown back in time to the late 1960s when I was 17. My brother John, 14 months older than me, was serving in the 173rd Airborne in the Central Highlands of Vietnam and his letters home urged me to march in every anti-Vietnam War protest. And when Johnny came marching home from Vietnam he joined the Vietnam Veterans Against the War and kept marching to Washington DC where he was arrested—with hundreds of other Nam vet heroes—after throwing his Bronze Star and Purple Heart at the Pentagon.


Those protests helped end the dirty war in Vietnam.

Just like The Kids planning the “March for Our Lives” on Washington DC on March 24 and a national Walk Out of high schools on March 14 to honor the fallen of Parkland will help end the war on our schoolchildren.

This show of strength, the high caliber of The Kids, will help turn the NRA leadership into the hunted, chasing these money bullying cowards like scared rabbits back into their dirty holes.

Running from The Kids.

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