Derwood Hodgegrass Seeks Toilet to Match Mike Tyson’s $2.3M Bathtub

Mike Tyson's bathtub was delivered to Derwood Hodgegrass's mansion on Friday. Photo: Jordan Rivers

Southampton billionaire Derwood Hodgegrass famously bought the 24-karat gold bathtub Mike Tyson gave Robin Givens for the discounted price of $1.2 million (Tyson paid more than $2 million for it), but now Hodgegrass says he needs a toilet to match.

The eccentric inventor and bon vivant put the word out on Friday, asking friends and trusted business associates to help him track down the maker of the bathtub, who may or may not even be alive, so he can get them to create an equally lavish, matching toilet. Apparently, he was not able to get any info about it from Tyson, and Hodgegrass may have to commission someone with enough talent to replicate the tub’s luxurious look.

“There is a small signature carved into the bottom of the tub, but it’s basically illegible,” Hodgegrass said in a phone call on Saturday morning. “It’s disappointing not to have the original creator of this masterpiece, but I suspect I’ll have no problem finding someone to make me a fabulous toilet,” he continued, adding, “I have several friends in Abu Dhabi and Dubai who have gold toilets, so I’ll be flying east to consult with them.”

With a budget of $1.2 million for the costly commode, Hodgegrass expects jewelers and goldsmiths will be climbing over each other to land the contract. “The only real issue is finding someone with the skills to create something worthy of the bathtub,” he said. “Say what you will about Mike [Tyson], but the man had an eye for rare and beautiful objects,” Hodgegrass added. “He understood the magic of true luxury craftsmanship, and he didn’t have a problem paying for it.”

After he visits his wealthy pals in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, Hodgegrass said he’ll return to Southampton and put someone to work on the palatial privy. In the meantime, he’s asking anyone with info about who made Tyson’s former tub to contact him.

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