Abuse Allegations Spark Investigation

Disgraced former New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman — the latest famous man facing abuse allegations — is under investigation by Suffolk County District Attorney Tim Sini for an incident at a home in the Hamptons.

Schneiderman stepped down last week only hours after the publication of a story in The New Yorker detailing the accounts of four women who claim he physically abused them. One woman, an Ivy-league educated lawyer, recounted Schneiderman became sexually aggressive as they made out at a home in the Hamptons and he allegedly told her that he believed that despite her appearance and confidence, she wanted to be controlled by him. She also recounted that he slapped her hard across the face twice, leaving a red handprint and scaring her.

Sini spokeswoman Sheila Kelly released a statement saying that the district attorney’s office began its investigation into Schneiderman upon learning of “the alleged crimes” he committed in Suffolk County. “Earlier today, Governor [Andrew] Cuomo indicated that he may appoint a special prosecutor to investigate this matter. Should that occur, our office would support that effort and provide any assistance necessary,” Kelly stated last Monday after a statement was released.


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