New Schedule For 10C, 10B Buses To Be Posted

Montauk users of the Suffolk County Transit’s 10C bus will be getting up 20 minutes earlier if they want to get a ride to work in East Hampton on the first bus leaving Montauk, starting August 1. That is a bit of a redo from what was originally proposed after the county received complaints from some of the estimated 25 riders who currently use the bus on its early morning western trip, and the 25 or so who board in East Hampton to go to work in Montauk. Originally, the time of the first run to East Hampton was going to be moved up 40 minutes, to 6:25 AM.

An extra bus, a longer route, and new time schedules are ahead for the 10B bus, as well.

Chris Chatterton, a planner for Suffolk County’s transportation division, said Monday the schedule had been modified to take into account the early ridership numbers. While a notice that the schedule was changing was posted on the 10C bus that left Montauk Sunday morning, the actual schedules themselves had yet to be shared in print with the riders, though Chatterton said that the schedule is available online, and will be printed out and available for riders in the next couple of days.

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