Southampton Books Catches Alleged Thief on Video – Still Not Identified

Southampton Books caught this thief on video
Southampton Books caught this thief on video

Southampton Books is still seeking the identity of a man who allegedly stole a stack of books from a display near the front of the store on Saturday, August 25.

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The store, located at 16 Hampton Road in Southampton, tweeted out a surveillance video of the man on Thursday, noting, “This guy stole a whole stack of Cherry by Nico Walker right off the front table this past Saturday. Somehow didn’t see the camera staring him in the face.”

As seen in the video, the man appears to be casually browsing, thumbing through a copy of Cherry, before placing a red folder and pile of what looks to be mail on the table and placing three copies of the book into a tote bag. He returns the bag to his shoulder and makes his way toward the exit.

On Friday, Southampton Books confirmed they had yet to catch the alleged literary larcenist, but they gave a report to the Southampton Village Police and alerted other local shops. “I think he was a collector,” store owner Greg Harris said, pointing out that the man was checking copyright dates to make sure the books were first editions, something he does when browsing for collectible editions.

Harris said the man stole additional volumes totaling $250, but the video of him purloining Cherry offered the best look at his face. “Pretty bold move,” he added.

Appropriately, the book he bagged in the video, Cherry, is an Amazon Best Book of August 2018, described by publisher Penguin Random House as “Jesus’ Son meets Reservoir Dogs in a breakneck-paced debut novel about love, war, bank robberies, and heroin.” Southampton Books has since restocked this staff recommended selection, should anyone want to buy a copy.

If you have any information about this man, you can call Southampton Books at 631-283-0270 or the Southampton Village Police at 631-283-0056.

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