Vintage Fashion Duo To Host Anniversary Sale

Gerard Maione & Seth Weisser.

There’s no one in the game of vintage fashion quite like Gerard Maione and Seth Weisser. Since 1993, the unmistakable duo has been a regular fixture on the shopping circuit, always on the hunt for the highest quality, and of course, the rarest fashion finds from years gone-by.

Now, fresh off the heels of the news that their vintage empire, What Goes Around Comes Around, with a location in East Hampton, will be partnering with Christie’s Auction House on a historic 25th anniversary sale of rare goods on September 18, we sat down with Weisser to look back on the past 25 years of business and what’s in store for the next 25 — and beyond!

Tell us the origin story of What Goes Around Comes Around! How did you get your start?

Gerard and I met at Syracuse University in 1988. When we moved to New York City, we discovered that fashion was the key to gaining entrance to a good party. We spent weekends scouring flea markets and consignment shops for the perfect pieces and sold them for extra cash.

Our interest in curating vintage for high fashion customers grew as we learned that people not only appreciate our taste in vintage clothing and accessories, they’re also willing to pay for it.

Your New York City locations are known to attract many celebrities. Like who?

We’ve been fortunate to build and maintain a huge roster of celebrity clientele over the years. Kendall and Kylie Jenner are long-time customers and are often photographed in clothing and with accessories they’ve purchased from us.

Lenny Kravitz, who is currently on tour, recently performed in one of our vintage rock tees, and Robert Downey Jr. was spotted in our East Hampton store last week.

There are too many celebrities to name!

How do your NYC and Hamptons customers differ, if at all?

The two markets do overlap. However, the biggest difference is the stores themselves. The SoHo store has an archive in the basement that attracts international fashion designers looking for inspiration and is a go-to for celebrity clients and their stylists. The archive houses an array of hard to find vintage and some of our most exquisite pieces of designer clothing.

The SoHo store has been open for 25 years and has longtime customers that have been shopping with us for years, as well as international customers that pop in to shop every time they are in NYC.

The East Hampton store, open for four years, is frequented by New York locals and tourists that visit the Hamptons during the summer season.

This is your fourth year out east. Is this an indicator of a growing clientele?

Unlike other stores that pop-up for the summer season in the Hamptons, our store is open year-round. We are a part of the mix now and continue to deepen our relationship with the Hamptons community.

Are there any other pop-up destinations on your list that you have yet to tackle?

Later this year, we’ll be opening an uptown flagship store. This new location, at 21 E. 67th Street and is slated to open in October and will expand on the success of our five locations, while catering to our uptown clients.

We are constantly exploring new retail concepts and ways to service our customers. What Goes Around Comes around is a lifestyle brand, and we strive to integrate seamlessly into the lives of our clientele, wherever they may be.

There’s certainly no shortage of vintage destination shops. How have you set yourself apart and become the leader in the industry?

Unlike other vintage destinations, WGACA has been a leader and trendsetter in the vintage and pre-owned markets for 25 years. We strive to have the best of the best in everything we offer, and this differentiates our stores from others in the market.

Through our highly selective curation, refined visual merchandising, and incredibly personal customer service, our stores offer an elevated lifestyle experience.

What are some of the hottest trends in vintage as of late? Any forecasts as to what might be next?

Belt bags are still one of the hottest trends on the market, particularly from Chanel, Gucci, and Louis Vuitton. Everything Fendi is on fire and overstated logos are in demand from all brands.

We’re still seeing key influencers searching out and wearing original Levi’s so I can’t call them a trend. The demand never stops. As for the future, we see a resurgence of the former “it” bag — the Dior saddle bag. What goes around comes around.

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