Watch Jimmy Fallon and Jack Black Perform Scripts Written by Kids

Adults can’t fathom the boundless imagination of children, but Sagaponack resident Jimmy Fallon and Jack Black gave it their best shot during the latest installment of The Tonight Show’s Kid Theater on Thursday, September 20.

For each installment, parents submit one-scene screenplays written by their children using the name of an upcoming movie as the theme and title. Fallon and one of the film’s actors then act out one or two scripts to the raucous amusement of viewers. This week, Fallon is joined by Black to promote his new film The House with a Clock in Its Walls, as well as Steve Higgins who acts as the narrator for the segment.

The first story they performed was written by a 10-year-old girl named Jane. It casts the duo as best friends discussing the way clocks move their hands, almost as if dancing. Fallon and Black, using their best schoolgirl impressions, bring the scene to life, concluding with a clock dance that looks more like an awkward robot—and lasts for 10 months according to the script. What kid wouldn’t want to dance away the entire school year?

The second story, written by nine-year-old Elijah, places them on the hunt for pickles. They stumble upon a mysterious clock that Black’s character insists will turn everything on Earth into toilets. To which Fallon’s character responds, “Stop talking for so long, you stupid idiot.”

The last story, written by nine-year-old Jaden, involves two clocks having an existential crisis. “I’m so sick of being a clock,” Fallon, as Clock 1, exclaims. “Yeah, I can’t even see what time it is,” Black responds. The skit then breaks into a rap about their tedious existence and their desire to go to the “mall mall [to] meet some guy named Paul Paul.” It’s everything you could ask for in a Fallon-Black bit, and it’s certainly worth the six minutes.

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