Senator LaValle Takes Heat For Stance

Advocates of a proposal in New York State to reverse the statute of limitations laws that shield accused pedophiles from prosecution intend to make a renewed effort after the coming election.

Members of the Republican-controlled New York State Senate have blocked assorted measures for years. The Catholic Church is a persistent lobbyist opposed to Look Back l
egislation as well.

Greg Fischer, a Democrat, is running against the incumbent Ken LaValle in the First District. LaValle has either ignored or dodged questions about the matter for several months and has repeatedly blocked the proposed Child Victims Act that would reopen the window allowing pedophiles shielded by limitations to be prosecuted.

“I dispute Mr. LaValle’s position that the injury is so widespread and pervasive that the CVA in any form will destroy our institutions via litigation,” Fischer said. He said studies have shown a wide range of disorders suffered by victims. “I believe the far greater harm is by the continuing injuries, including PTSD-type acute psychological and physiological injuries,” he said. “Further, failing to pass the CVA gives safe harbor to the degenerate pedophiles and that just nauseates me.”

Gary Greenberg, founder of Fighting for Children and Protect NYKIDS, said LaValle has stymied numerous attempts at reform. “LaValle, along with the New York State Senate Republican Conference, has never allowed a vote on the Child Victims Act. The Assembly has passed the Child Victims Act six times with bipartisan support.”

The Boy Scouts and insurance companies also are opposed to the CVA, and it is feared cases will tie up court dockets.

“The CVA is not perfect, but sufficient at this time — additional legislation may be later enacted to perfect it,” Fischer said. “This year I worked with the Senate Republicans to come up with their own bill, which is called the Child Victims Fund. Mr. LaValle refused to even co-sponsor this Republican bill,” Greenberg said. “The Republican Conference refused for the 12th year in a row to bring any bill to the Senate floor for a vote.”

Proponents are hopeful of gaining enough seats in the senate to get the necessary support for the Child Victims Act.

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