The Young Woman In Red

Max Aju, Grade 3, Westhampton Beach
Max Aju, Grade 3, Westhampton Beach

It was already raining. And the sky was turning a weird blue.

Sam could see flashes of light, highlighting the clouds that were erased by the darkness as he was staring at the sky from his parent’s porch. He looked back, to see his mother also staring up at the ocean of erased clouds. The rumbles from the sky sounded like bowling balls hitting bowling pins but amplified.

“Honey, just promise you are going to be okay. Call us when you are halfway there and when you’re there, okay?”

“Okay, mom. I promise.” Sam said, annoyance slipping out with each word.

He stepped off the porch steps and looked back to where the porch was from the front of his car. He saw his mom waving from the first porch step, wrapping the light brown cardigan around her hips. Sam gave a wave and a half smile.

He pulled the car keys out of his back right pocket. The door opened with a squeak. Sam sat in the front seat and put the same key in the ignition after closing the door. He put the car in reverse and started getting out the parking spot. Then, he saw it.

Sam saw a silhouette of a young woman. She was wearing a flowy dress with fringes as sleeves with a hat that was almost flat. But it wasn’t his mother because she already went inside.

Sam’s breathing exhilarated and almost stopped. He stopped the car abruptly and turned on the headlights. As soon as he did this, the silhouette of the young woman was gone. Slowly, his breathing came crawling back. Sam, being the stupid idiot he is, shook off the feeling of creepiness and fear, and drove out of the parking spot and into the main road.

Sam could hear the tires driving over the rain on the cement road and he could hear the rain spilling over the side of the tires. Sam felt empty in the car like he always does when he drives alone. While still keeping his eyes on the road, he turned on the radio when his favorite song came on. The occasion made him smile like an idiot. And as he was passing Rose Street, he heard his favorite part come on. Sam started singing the lyrics at the top of his lungs! The sky rumbled and a lightning strike struck somewhere over the area. Sam’s muscles tensed and he could hear his heart beating. Even over the loud radio. He turned the radio to a whisper.

“I guess God doesn’t like my singing,” Sam said under his breath.

Sam kept driving but the rain became even harder. He could hear the raindrops going SPLAT on top of his car. The lightning strikes were beginning to occur more often. Sam’s skin was flooding with goosebumps. The lightning struck right in front of Sam’s car! He jumped and the car stopped. That’s when he saw it. The silhouette of the young woman again. This time, he could see what color she was wearing. Blood red. The next lightning strike struck right behind her. And she didn’t even flinch! As soon as everything cleared up, she was gone…again. Sam saw all this with his mouth open. He got out of the car to check if anything happened, but he didn’t find anything. He got back in the car and raced past the area this all happened, his heart bumping out of his chest.

Soon after, Sam couldn’t drive in the rain anymore. It was impossible. Sam would rather stay at a stranger’s house that has too many Halloween decorations then crash his car and stay out in the rain. He started looking for any houses that looked like it wouldn’t be a pain to stay in. In no time he found the house. The sweetest little house that was to his left. It was a pastel yellow with a white roof and door. And around, there was the classic white picket fence. The house looked so warm and inviting. It was hard to resist.

He drove up to the parking space and parked his car. Then he reached for his yellow windbreaker. He put one arm in, and then the other and prepared to go into the storm. Sam opened the door quickly and ran to the front door of the house, his hands holding the windbreaker to his body. He knocked three times, hoping someone would answer the door. He heard footsteps coming toward the door. The doorknob turned and the door swung open. This woman looked awfully familiar.

“Hello. Do I know you?” The woman said with a calming tone.

Sam’s jaw dropped. He couldn’t recognize who she was. But the woman was beautiful. Her face looked tough but sweet and soft. She had raven black hair that fell perfectly on her shoulders. Up close, she looked even more beautiful.

“Hello?” She said again. Sam must’ve spaced out.

“Oh, hi. Um, I’m trying to get to the airport to get home but the storm is too strong and I was wondering if I could stay here for a while until the storm calms down.” Sam said, surprisingly calm. He usually gets pretty nervous when he’s talking to pretty girls.

By now, Sam’s heart is a beating mess. He gets a glimpse of the interior of the house. Sam could see the couch and the whole living room.

“You can totally wait for the storm in here. I was just about to eat dinner. If you want to join me. I’m Rosemary.” She holds her hand out for a handshake.

Sam shook her hand firmly, trying to be manly. But Rosemary didn’t notice. She just flashed Sam a warm smile.

“I would love to eat dinner with you. I’m Sam.” He said charmingly.

Rosemary moved her body so that Sam could come through. As soon as he stepped into the house, he could feel the warmth. The house was beautifully lit. There was a petite chandelier over the dinner table filled with food. The living room was filled with space but it was still cozy.

“You must be very hungry.” Rosemary said while putting the pie on the table.

“Yeah.” Sam muttered under his breath mindlessly. He was roaming around the living room, admiring. There was pictures of Rosemary when she was a little girl. There were also pictures of her graduating high school.

“Dinner’s ready.” Rosemary said from the dining table.

Sam walked over to the dining table and sat down to eat. Sam and Rosemary talked and ate. They had a great time and talked all about their childhood. The storm didn’t calm down, it got worse.

“You should stay here for a while more.” Rosemary said.

“Sure. I should anyway.” Sam said, grateful that he could stay a while longer with Rosemary.

Sam felt the adrenaline coming. He wanted to kiss her. She looked so beautiful in red. Her lips were like magnets. Sam started leaning in and Rosemary started to, too. The kiss was beautiful . They were so connected and their lips were dancing. Sam felt Rosemary’s adrenaline radiating from her skin. Sam pulled away and Rosemary was entirely different person! Her skin wasn’t silky and smooth. It was peeling off and grey. Her hair wasn’t raven black, it was falling off and dirty. She looked like a…a…a ghost.

“Do you love me? Do you love me with all your heart?” Rosemary (if she even was Rosemary) said desperately.

“No! Get away from me!” Sam tried to get out of her grasp but she was too strong. Sam knew boys weren’t supposed to hit girls, but in this case, it doesn’t matter. Sam kicked Rosemary’s shin and he flew out of her hands! But she didn’t flinch. She just let him go. He tried to get out of the house, but the door was locked! The window were locked too. There was no escape. Sam freezed and faced Rosemary, who was staying by the kitchen knifes now. Her head was titled like a dog’s. What was she thinking? She picked up one of the kitchen knifes and twirled it around until she threw the knife directly Sam! Sam dodged it. His fear is at maximum level and he was sweating like he just ran miles.

Rosemary was chanting, “Die! Die! Die! You don’t love me!” while aiming the knifes at Sam. When she ran out of knifes, Sam charged at her but she pushed him all the way to the side. Sam’s back hit the wall and he fell to ground. He tried to stand up but he couldn’t do it the first time. He finally picked himself up but Rosemary was gone.

Sam panicked. He checked the kitchen and noticed the biggest knife was gone. The panic started to raise even more. He checked around the house carefully, the anticapation rising every corner. Sam heard a rustle in the living room. He hurried down the stairs and met face to face with Rosemary. She was holding the missing knife and ready to strike.

Die!” Rosemary plunged the knife into the side of Sam’s stomach. Sam gasped and tried to catch his breath. He was dying. He looked down to the red fluid on his hands. He fell to the floor, dead. Rosemary took his body and put him in the closet with the rest of the

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