What If?

Sydney, Grade 2, Montauk School
Sydney, Grade 2, Montauk School

What if someone was always watching you?

Looking through the window in the pitch black of night.

Always right behind you, waiting to strike.

What if your most terrifying nightmares came true?

Your darkest thoughts surround you.

Your greatest fears know exactly where to find you.

What if the most horrible thing you’d ever witnessed was insignificant now?

All the good you’d seen is replaced with its opposite.

Happiness is nothing but history, the world is in ruins.

What if no one believed anything you said?

You couldn’t communicate a warning for something evil.

You were laughed at and ignored.

What if you couldn’t trust the people around you?

Everyone only wants to use you and hurt you.

No one is honest. No one does things for the right reasons.

What if you were taken advantage of?

They didn’t care about you or how their actions affected you.

You were just a pawn assisting them in their ultimate goal.

What if these unfortunate situations happened to everyone?

People were no longer scared to stand up for themselves.

Everyone stopped to see the consequences of their actions.

What if no one was stalked, scared, influenced, ignored, lied to, or used, ever again?

I hope that peace and love would replace evil and anger.

By Juliette Kearns
Age 13, Our Lady of the Hamptons

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