Locked And Loaded For Gun Control

This time it was 12 shot dead in a college bar in Thousand Oaks, California.

Freshly re-elected Congressman Lee Zeldin with a proud 100-percent rating from the National Rifle Association can send .9mm caliber thoughts and prayers to match the bullets fired into those lost souls of the Borderline bar.

Two weeks before, it was 11 slaughtered in a Pittsburgh synagogue with an AR-15 semi-automatic weapon of war to whose families Zeldin could send .223/5.56mm caliber thoughts and prayers from the East End to take with them with the gun smoke to eternity.

A few days before that it was two black people shot at a Kentucky supermarket by a white supremacist. A few days after the Shabbos shootings came an armed “incel” — a guy who self-identified as an involuntary celibate, or in plain English a guy who couldn’t get laid — sublimating his misogynistic sexual dysfunction into shooting six women in a yoga studio in Tallahassee, leaving two women who tried to fight back with fists, feet, and a broom murdered in their blood-soaked yoga outfits.

Send them your thoughts and prayers, Congressman Zeldin, as you send thank you notes to the NRA for the campaign contributions for which you exchanged your soul.

All those shootings and killings came in the lead-up to the midterm elections when Donald J. Trump, our Bigot in Chief, who fearmongered about a “caravan” of “invaders” consisting of women and children from Latin America — the tired and the poor and the terrified — who trudged north for the mirage of the American dream obscured by the gun smoke of 307 mass shootings in Trump’s America in 311 days. But as Election Day neared Trump tried to tell the electorate that they should fear 3000 refugees fleeing gang violence, dire poverty, and political mayhem. He told the country those refugees were carrying their infants and children to kill us with smallpox, Ebola, leprosy, MS-13 hit teams, and jihadist suicide bombers.

Trump’s message was amplified 24/7 by Fox News, right wing radio, and the Alt Right sicko net.

After the 11 Jews were slaughtered on Shabbos, Trump blamed the synagogue for not having armed rabbis to protest the flock and flew to an Illinois pep rally telling his adoring cultist rabble that the news conference about 11 murders in the rain had given him a bad hair day. He later tweeted that the wall-to-wall TV news coverage of the synagogue slaughter had interrupted the news cycle about the “caravan” which stymied the Republican momentum.


The subsequent fear mongering and historic lying by the president of the United States did not work.

The Democrats rode a blue wave across the nation winning over 30 seats and control of the House of Representatives, 333 state legislative seats, and seven governorships.

Lee Zeldin was reelected on the East End which means he now can continue his local work for which he has received a 9-percent rating by environmentalists as the waters of the Hamptons continue to be polluted. With the House soon to be controlled by Democrats, Zeldin will be about as effective in bringing home the bacon as a belch in a hurricane.

When I awakened on Thursday morning, November 8, there was recounting going on in Georgia and Florida and news of 12 shot dead in a Californian college bar.

It happened on Wednesday night, what the kids call Hump Day, that point in the middle of the week when the call of the wild riots in the percolating blood of youth, summoning them to watering holes across the nation. I have a kid in a college town upstate who frequents places like the Borderline, where young people pack in with fake IDs to meet someone to share beers, laughter, and if they are lucky a little bit of romance.

It gave me the absolute horrors that out in Thousand Oaks, which I knew from working in California as a reporter, someone had just walked in and started killed people.

With a gun.

I texted my kid just to beckon a reply. I wanted a reminder he was okay, especially when I started seeing the interviews with the parents whose kids left the Borderline in body bags. One father was so distraught that he gazed at the heavens telling his son that he loved him. A mother told the cameras she did not want thoughts and prayers. “I want gun control,” she shouted, a comment her child would never see or hear.

Doctors in the emergency room also voiced their outrage at the rampant gun violence in America. And the disgusting NRA spokesperson with more nerve than a decayed tooth tweeted, “Someone should tell self-important anti-gun doctors to stay in their lane.”

That clown has a future fateful date in the line of fire with St. Karma. I hope it’s him and not his kid in a college bar.

I covered the killings of babies in Sandy Hook in 2012 for 10 straight days leading up to Christmas. I knew that if those tiny coffins, the size of toy chests, did not change the minds of cheap politicians, nothing would.

The good news in the Democratic blue wave was that for every Lee Zeldin with a 100-percent NRA rating there are now Democratic representatives locked and loaded for gun control; many women, and mothers like Georgia’s Lucy McBath, whose son was murdered by a gun nut for playing his car radio too loud.

In his inaugural speech Donald Trump, who ran with $25 million of NRA blood money, said he would put an end to “this American carnage.” He promised that “only I can fix it.”

So far this year alone there have been 307 mass shootings in Donald Trump’s America.

And the holidays haven’t even started yet. Talk about a war on Christmas.

Many mass shootings thoughts and prayers to come…

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