Social House’s ‘Magic in the Hamptons’ Video Looks More Like California

Los Angeles-based and Pittsburgh-bred music duo Social House released the official video for their song “Magic in the Hamptons,” featuring rapper Lil Yachty, in late September, months after the single hit the airwaves and climbed the charts. Now the video, which has way too many palm trees for the real Hamptons, has brought the chilled-out track back with a bang.

If it’s any consolation, the director, Cole Bennett of Lyrical Lemonade, does at least, carry a classically Bonac surname—purely by coincidence, of course. And the house interior perfectly matches a seasonal local abode.

This Hamptons-not-shot-in-the-Hamptons thing seems to be an ongoing trend, started perhaps with ABC’s faux faux-Hamptons-based prime time soap opera Revenge (2011-2015), and continuing with Transviolet’s “In the Hamptons” video, released in summer 2017. That’s one of the reasons we’ve so enjoyed Showtime’s The Affair, which was really filmed in Montauk.

Before hitting it big with “Magic in the Hamptons,” with their faces up front, Charles “Scootie”Anderson and Michael “Mikey” Foster found success producing music for megastars such as Ariana Grande and Water Mill’s Jennifer Lopez, but they’re clearly on their own musical path now as Social House.

In an interview with Prelude Press published in July, Scootie noted, “The most rewarding part of writing and producing for ourselves is finally getting to create exactly what we want to create and finally being able to connect directly with the people who have been touched by our music.”

The pair also told Prelude Press about their catchy, laid back song.

“‘Magic In the Hamptons’ is about real love that can stand the test of time and make you feel young again,” Mikey said. Scootie, added, “It’s about puppy love, the honeymoon phase in a relationship that never dies.”

Watch the lyrics video below to try making sense of it all. It also doesn’t appear to have any actual Hamptons locations, unless mountains suddenly sprung up in Montauk.

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