Upisland Gas Station Hit

Brazen armed robbers have been targeting local gas station/convenience stores for several years now, with at least six such crimes in the Riverhead area alone.

The modus operandi is frequently the same: one or two robbers will barge in while a single clerk is working, and often times flash a gun. On other occasions, they will enter in the middle of the night when the establishment is closed. The booty is often the same: money, beer, and cigarettes. Police suspect drug dealers but have so far had little success arresting suspects.

A new twist occurred Saturday: A Riverhead man has been charged in connection with a similar robbery — but police said he traveled to Huntington Station to pull the heist.

Jesse Huber, 40, waved a gun around and demanded cash at a BP Gas Station/convenience store on 272 East Jericho Turnpike, according to Suffolk County Police, and the clerk complied. Huber pulled off the heist in broad daylight — about 1:30, December 1, police added. After the clerk handed over cash, the thief took off. Apparently, though, police picked up a lead on a video surveillance system in the store.

Shortly after 10:30, on detectives from the SCPD Second District picked up Huber at the Commack Motor Inn on Jericho Turnpike and charged him with robbery in the first degree, a felony, and held him for arraignment. The investigation is continuing.

Southold Town

William Mokus, 25, of Orient was speeding on Route 25 in Greenport, Saturday morning, December 1, at about 1:21 AM, according to accounts furnished by Southold Police. He was stopped and arrested for driving while intoxicated after police said they ascertained he had been drinking excessively.

A Greenport man lost his cool on December 4 shortly after midnight at the 7-Eleven in Greenport and popped someone in the head. Manual Cante, 20, was charged with harassment in the second degree and criminal contempt in the second degree, both misdemeanors, police said.

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