Hamptons Residents Divided Over Building Physical Barriers

Fence barrier
Photo: Kasper Nymann/123RF

It is a very touchy subject when one asks what area residents think about building physical barriers to keep “those unwanted animals” out.

In order to get to the root of that which divides us, we must take a minute and look at those who would seek to rob, pilfer and destroy our property. Personally, I see them as simply seeking a chance for a better life.

But do barriers really work? Is it worth the money? Let’s not forget that they are known to tunnel under walls and fences and also gain access by going over the top.

Yet some locals insist that a barrier is needed, and many have actually donated to the cause.

To my utter surprise, my neighbor down the street, Ms. Gomez, says with conviction, “If we let them go unchecked, in due time they will take over everything. Let’s build that barrier, Mr. Sneiv. We have a right to protect our property!”

Some locals don’t agree with this logic.

Mr. Dunkirk, my neighbor around the corner, says, “Just let them be, and stop overdramatizing the situation.” He adds, “We don’t need a wall or a fence. We are a land of freedom, and we are enriched by their presence.”

My unofficial poll indicates that East End residents are split right down the middle, with 48% in favor of barriers being erected and 48% against. Meanwhile, 4% had no opinion.

I really don’t know what to do. I guess in the end, there is a case for and against trying to keep the rabbits and deer out of our backyards and gardens. But someone needs to make a decision, and soon.

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