Jimmy Fallon Tells Norman Reedus He Can’t Surf or Exit Ocean Gracefully

Tonight Show host and Sagaponack resident Jimmy Fallon is not an expert when it comes to the ocean, and judging by his story, he probably found this deficiency in the Hamptons. The revelation came about while Fallon chatted with Norman Reedus, aka Daryl Dixon on The Walking Dead, in the lead up to what was one of the most brutal episodes in the history of AMC’s mega-hit show.

Reedus had just returned from a surfing trip in Costa Rica, so Fallon admitted he doesn’t have what it takes to ride the waves. In fact, he explained, “I have trouble getting out of the water if I go to the ocean.”

In what sounded like a tale from his summers in the Hamptons—though he never said as much—Fallon told Reedus he wanted to get out of the ocean “like James Bond…Daniel Craig coming out of the water” in front of his wife, film producer Nancy Juvonen, and a friend, but things didn’t go as planned.

As he tried to walk through the wash to shore, “a giant wave came up behind me,” Fallon said, noting that he didn’t know what to do in that moment. “I’m just going to tough it out, let it crash behind me and see what’s up,” he continued, recalling the moment. Not the right call, apparently. “This wave knocked me down, flipped me around,” he said to laughs from Reedus and the audience, adding, “My shorts came off, I skinned my knee…the most embarrassing thing to happen to me, ever.”

Like it even had to be said, Jimmy concluded, “So not James Bond.”

So, if you see Fallon in the water this summer, keep a close eye on him.

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