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60 Summers Throwback: Donald Trump and Others Praise Dan’s Papers

Check out some fun quotes from our June 17, 1994 issue.

Since Dan Rattiner published the very first issue of Montauk Pioneer in 1960, fans from all walks of life have been singing the praises of Dan’s Papers—just as they do in this favorite page from 1994.As part of our ongoing 60 Summer celebration of Dan’s Papers, we’ve been remembering some of our favorite stories, cover art and East End icons, but we’re also looking back into our archive and finding some unique gems that are a bit harder to categorize.

This “Listen to What They Are Saying About Dan’s Papers” page from our June 17, 1994 issue features quotes from a number of notable Dan’s fans, including the late, great Sagaponack author George Plimpton, Madoo artist Robert Dash, PR maven Peggy Siegal, Guardian Angels founder Curtis Sliwa and future president, and frequent target of Dan’s Papers satire, Donald Trump!

As noted in Dan’s 60 Summers Throwback last week, he interviewed The Donald about his Hamptons helicopter service and more back in 1996. The pair got along famously. Trump even invited Dan to visit Mar-a-Lago, and our founder actually took him up on the offer. Perhaps that’s why he said “Dan’s is a terrific paper.”

Whether you laud the writing or love the cover art, applaud the interview subjects or appreciate the satire, drive business with advertising or depend on our information in order to stay in the know about everything happening in the Hamptons, we continue to appreciate the kind words and look forward to earning that praise for at least 60 more summers to come.

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60 Summers throwback: Listen to What They're Saying About Dan's Papers from our June 17, 1994 issue
Trump praised Dan’s Papers in our June 17, 1994 issue
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