Water Winners

Thanks to all the students who entered stories and art for our Water Views contest where the question was: What does water mean to me?

Special shout-outs to teachers Arthurine Dunn and Brian D’Andrea of the East Hampton schools for your many submissions. It was hard to pick the best from so many great entries.

Please be sure to come to the Water Views Festival at Guild Hall on Sunday, June 2. It’s free and educational, with great speakers and an eco-fair.

Keep writing, kids!

Bridget LeRoy, Managing Editor

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Fabricio Granados | Grade 7 EHMS

Thomas Vilar 5/03/19 | ELA 9/Per. 4 | Dunn & Guidi

Oh, Water

Oh, water,

the very balance of nature.

With food and shelter,

it is these we favor.

The food on my plate,

I do appreciate,

all that you create,

including the food we ate.

I enjoy the sea breeze,

and how it does please.

The ocean and the trees

Both did appease.

From fishes and plants,

to owls and ants.

Besides our star: the sun,

it’s water that gets it done.

Oh, water,

indeed that is true.

You made a utopia as earth’s mater

as an odd, translucent, blue.

When the earth was just fire,

you cooled it and created life.

Since then, earth did thrive,

but we’re now making things dire.

Now that pollution’s about,

from plankton to trout,

the world moves on trying,

but simultaneously dying.

Oh, water,

you helped everything to happen.

But now as things blacken,

you’re now just. Water.

But at the very end,

you are earth’s best friend.


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Brooke Willingham | English 9/Period 4, Dunn & Guidi

A Flowing Reflection

As it flows down peacefully, unaware of its power

It acts as a glossy, imperfect mirror

Reflecting trees, flowers and grass

Leaves and branches falling and floating across it

It acts as a lifeline for everyone and everything

Able to heal mental and physical wounds

Able to show how to keep going forward even if there are obstacles in the way

Whether it be by getting rid of them yourself

Or going around them and allowing them to resolve themselves

As we watch it flow down peacefully, well aware of its power

Often forgetting that it makes up the majority of us

Being forgetful of its reliability

Helping our muscles and nerves

How its always inviting us with a calming energy

Allowing us to be at peace with ourselves and others

As it flows down peacefully, unaware of power

Acting as a home for many, providing food and fun

Sometimes strong as storms disrupt the tide, to give warning without control

Giving us life and helping us keep it

As it flows down peacefully, we help it navigate

Continuing to keep it clean and strong, as it does for us

Forever making an effort to return the deed it has done for us

Giving back to our main power, giving back to our energy source

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