Sag Harbor Village Police Charge Felony DWI

Police car on the street

An East Hampton man, Erik Aguilar, 25, was arrested by Sag Harbor Village police shortly after 10 AM on Sunday, June 16, on a felony charge of driving drunk with a child in the car.

According to the police, Aguilar was driving a 2005 Honda erratically as he made a turn from Bay Street onto Main Street. A patrol car began following Aguilar, police reported, with the arrest eventually being made in the Meadow Street parking lot. Police said that Aguilar failed sobriety tests. He was charged with driving while intoxicated as a felony, under New York State’s Leandra’s Law. Under the law, it is a felony crime for a driver to have a child of 15 or younger in the car if the driver is intoxicated. The law was named for Leandra Rosado, a child who died in 2009 in a crash in which the driver of the car was drunk.

Aguilar was released the next morning after being arraigned.


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