For Sunny


Garcia is in critical condition after an attempted suicide. Suffering from depression, he has remained a remarkable role model in spite of his struggles. He pulled himself out of the depths of drugs and addiction to win a world title but somehow found himself back in the throes of desperation last April.

“He is beloved to many, the Kurt Cobain of the surfing world,” said event organizer Nicole Delma, “and has been the voice of a generation of athletes, teens, and loners seeking to connect.”

Delma chose the timing of the event for two reasons: Garcia was discovered and mentored by Rell Sunn, whose namesake is honored in the annual Rell Sunn Surf Contest in Montauk the day before the event. But also, “summer is a key time when many locals go through ups and downs with drugs and alcohol, and when we can make people most aware of resources to help and remove the stigma of seeking help,” Delma said.

There will be a screening of “One Track Mind” at the event, a film which includes Garcia plus about 10 other very notable surfers from Kelly Slater to Mick Fanning.

Donations have been received from artists Jack Johnson (autographed ukulele and songbook), a collection of films from Chris Malloy, artwork from Kelly Slater’s daughter Taylor plus Cynthia Rowley, 4Ocean, and more.

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