Jimmy Fallon Is Getting His Own Line of Hasbro Games

Jimmy Fallon

Fans of Sagaponack’s Jimmy Fallon know that the host of The Tonight Show on NBC loves to play original, wacky games with his celebrity guests. Toy company Hasbro has announced that some of the games Fallon has played on the show will soon be available on store shelves.

The first three games that will be released are Box of Lies, Face It and Best Friends Challenge. Each will be priced at $19.99.

Box of Lies: Players will be asked to pull a card featuring an absurd object out of a box and choose to either describe it truthfully or lie about it to trick their opponent. The game includes 150 double-sided mystery item cards, nine numbered mystery boxes, a cardboard player divider, a Truth tile, a Lie tile, four question tokens, two plastic clips, and instructions. See Fallon take on Amagansett’s Scarlett Johansson in the video below.

The Face It Challenge: Two players go head to head as they are given random faces to make at each other while trying not to laugh. The game includes a mirror, a game base, two cardboard panels, 100 Face It cards, and instructions. Bill Hader and Fallon face off in the clip below.

The Best Friends Challenge: Players will draw “Best Friends” question cards, attempt to sync answers to connect the heart locket, and determine Best Friend status. The game includes a heart locket with retractable belts, 100 scenario cards, 50 bonding moment cards, and instructions. Find out if Fallon and Hamptonite Drew Barrymore are best friends in the video below.

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