SLA, Police Make Charges In Montauk Bars

T. E. McMorrow
Shagwong, along with other bars named last year, were visited by SLA and East Hampton Town police, who were checking on business procedures involving alcohol.

The State Liquor Authority made a sweep in Montauk, checking on the business practices of various bars, with a particular emphasis on the same bars that employed members of the Montauk cocaine distribution ring that was broken up in a massive raid in August 2018.

At the time, District Attorney Timothy Sini said, “A multi-agency investigation beginning in March 2018 revealed evidence of an alleged conspiracy by the defendants to sell narcotics, including cocaine and oxycodone, to patrons in bars and restaurants in the Montauk area. The commercial establishments in-clude Swallow East, Six-Six-Eight the Gig Shack, Shagwong Tavern, Liar’s Saloon, and O’Murphy’s Pub & Restaurant.”

Managers and owners of the first four restaurant/bars were charged with misdemeanors regarding the storage and/or record keeping of liquor on hand, after being visited Wednesday, July 17 by an agent from the SLA, who was accompanied by an East Hampton Town police officer. O’Murphy’s had since closed.

None of the owners or managers of the restaurants named by the DA were charged in connection with the drug distribution ring.

Christopher Shanbrom, 29, of Bayville is a manager at Swallow East, in the Montauk dock area. The officers checked the establishment on July 17.

The complaint they filed charges that he was unable to produce records accounting for alcoholic beverages on hand, called an “on premises record keeping violation,” a misdemeanor, as well as storing alcohol outside designated areas covered by Swallow East’s liquor license, also a misdemeanor.

Racheal Peters, 30, of Jeffersonville, NY, a manager at Gig Shack, was also allegedly unable to produce records of purchases of alcohol on hand, as well, and, in addition, was charged with improperly displaying the establishment’s liquor license. That is also a misdemeanor.

The officers said that the license was not displayed in a frame behind clear glass as required. That violation, too, draws a misdemeanor criminal count.

Also visited was Liar’s Saloon on West Lake Drive. There, one of the owners, according to the police, Vincent Carrillo, 53, of Montauk was charged with improperly storing alcohol in an unlicensed area.

Finally, there was Shagwong on Main Street, right by the Gig Shack. There, a manager, Richard Cintron, 30, of Montauk was charged with improper record keeping of the alcohol on hand, as well as improperly displaying the liquor license, which police allege was posted behind a flat screen TV.

“The SLA conducted inspections on several locations,” East Hampton Town Police Chief Michael Sarlo said last week, “as they have done in years past, and in this particular case, several of the businesses which employed members of the narcotics distribution ring were the subject of ongoing review by the SLA.” All four will be arraigned in East Hampton Town Justice Court August 15.

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