Fall Into Next Season’s Fashion Trends

Carrie Berk in Alice + Olivia

With a new season on the horizon, Hamptons clothing stores are swapping out their swimsuits and sundresses with pieces that epitomize autumn trends. From gender-inclusive dressing to unapologetically bold patterns and prints, this style roster is guaranteed to instantly update your ensemble. Take it all in, and prepare to try your hand at the trends.

Trend #1: Animal Prints

Let your style roar with an assemblage of animal prints, a staple trend that seems to never die out. Sag Harbor clothing store Goldie can attest to this: “Animal prints are all over runways, but we decided to show them on our core, basic T-shirts at low retail prices,” declared Debbie Rudoy, founder of Goldie. Another added plus: the store’s cheetah-printed tees are sustainable as well, made out of 100 percent Pima cotton.

Alice + Olivia, on the other hand, is highlighting animal prints in silk burnout fabrics, as displayed at its Southampton storefront. “You’ll be seeing snakeskin in our collection that has a specific detailing to it, which makes it stand out from anything else on the market,” explained Dione Reyes, styling assistant to Stacey Bendet, owner of Alice + Olivia. “It has a velvety texture and it adds a 3D effect to our pieces, making our customers feel beautiful and strong when they wear it,” Reyes added.

As for Mint, a clothing boutique that recently opened a new location in Southampton, the trend is being showcased on everything from cotton to cashmere. “Animal prints are the new neutral. Even if you have great basics in your wardrobe, you can pop in something with animal print on it and it elevates your look,” said Joanna Mazella, owner of Mint.

“Our company is showing it on sweaters, cashmere, cardigans, and jackets. We’re also presenting it in a more subdued way on leggings and other pants for fall,” added Mazella.

If you’re looking to go full-on feline, Glynis Karp, SVP/marketing at J.McLaughlin, encourages you to experiment with mixing leopard-printed patterns as well, just as her customers have been doing. “We’re seeing a lot in the market about mixing. You don’t necessarily have to wear cheetah with brown pants or cheetah with black pants. You can mix some of J.McLaughlin’s animal print pieces and it can be a lot of fun,” Karp affirms of the store, which has locations in both Southampton and Bridgehampton.

“I’m not saying it’s for everybody, but I do think if you can step out of your box, it can work beautifully and you can build your own sense of style with it,” Karp added.

Trend #2: Suits

Suit up. This androgynous trend — featured on Givenchy, Chanel, and more designers’ fall ’19 runways — is everywhere. “You’ll be seeing suits in our fall collections, but they’re a bit sexier, with plunging necklines, for example,” explained Reyes. Alice + Olivia, known for its effortlessly feminine silhouettes catered to power women, aims to push the boundaries of its customers’ wardrobes with this new addition. Reyes opined that suits “take them outside of their comfort zone.”

“Stacey incorporates familiar silhouettes, such as the Dylan pant and Jalisa pant, but she also tailors the blazers to accentuate your body. And I think that’s the power of suiting. You have that demeanor of being confident and bold and strong, but you can also accentuate your curves and clavicle as a woman,” added Reyes.

Trend #3: Tie-Dye

Say hello to ’80s fashion once again thanks to a print that has withstood the test of time. However, rather than sporting tie-dye in typical rainbow hues, Goldie is producing the pattern in deeper, more autumn-appropriate colors.

“We decided to do it two years ago and now everyone has it. But we’ve done it differently — not multicolor, Jerry Garcia tie-dyes because they read too young,” said Rudoy. “We’ve done tie-dyed, long-sleeve tees but in a very sophisticated manner, in black and white or olive and white hues.”

Nevertheless, the print still evokes a sense of nostalgia, especially considering this year is the 50th anniversary of Woodstock, the iconic, tie-dye-tinted festival. “Both that sense of nostalgia and a novelty factor to tie-dye are what make it appeal to our customers,” Rudoy explained. “It feels like something customizable and fun — not too basic.”

Trend #4: Cozy Fabrics

As the temperature begins to drop, comfortable fabrics are key wardrobe essentials. “Mint is featuring anything fuzzy, cozy, fleece, and soft, almost like a blanket. People are loving wearing those fabrics as a sweater or cardigan,” said Mazella. “They appeal to Hamptons customers because fall is such a beautiful time out here, and people want to look fashionable while still staying comfortable and feeling good about themselves.”

Goldie is capitalizing on a specifically soft fabric: French terry. “We’re really into doing loungewear and sweats in that super-washed, yummy fabric,” said Rudoy. “We’re carrying French terry pants, shirts, and sweatshirts.”

At J.McLaughlin, it’s all about faux suede: “It has always been a category for us, but we actually expanded it this year and have faux suede shirt dresses now,” Karp explained. Not only is the fabric washable and stretchable, but it has a lush quality to it, hence why it sells out so often in its stores. “Our Liz dress is made out of faux suede that has a scale-like print on it. It’s been a top seller every week since we released it,” said Karp.

Trend #5: Graphic Designs

Looking for a way to make a statement with your style this season? Try sporting pieces adorned with graphic icons or phrases.

Alice + Olivia is further projecting its female empowerment platform through pieces that symbolize the movement. “Stacey is very whimsical and feminine, which is why she has been doing a lot of graphic tees with specific things on them that suggest being confident and loving yourself,” said Reyes. “She loves embodying women standing up for each other.”

Among the designs being displayed are the phrases “Feminist” and “Go Love Yourself.”

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