East End Experts Chime In on Fall Home Décor Trends

Back yard gardens and patio from an elevated view.
A firepit can enhance your property in the fall, Photo: iStock

If you’re in dire need of some redecorating ideas for this fall, we know a few professionals who can help. These East End experts are more than happy to share tips on home décor trends for the cooler months.

What are a few of this season’s top home décor trends for East End living?

For this season’s home décor trends, we are seeing a move toward transitional designs and an increased use of different metal elements in the kitchens, closets, bathrooms and common spaces. Gary Ciuffo, Ciuffo Cabinetry

Nothing compares the feel of natural sunlight in your home, although some days require blinds to block the excess light. A solution? Add window film! They are available in various shades, from clear to moderately tinted. You can still enjoy the view with all the perks while preserving the look of your home. — Jennifer Haynie, New York Window Film Co.

Simple, clean and uncomplicated living—motorized shades allow full view and easy operation. Sheer drapery diffuses light and softens modern edges. Decorative Roman shades allow light in or keep the light out depending on the lining used. Wide louvered shutters are the chameleons of windows treatments fitting any décor, from modern to coastal to transitional. — Linda Nuszen, Windows & Walls Unlimited

The change of seasons is always time to bring the outdoors in. This is the time to add warmer colors to your home with accents such as throws, pillows and even your table top with baskets and bowls filled with the bounty of the East End, like gourds and mini pumpkins. Shannon Willey, Sea Green Designs LLC

Give us some outdoor projects to consider for fall.

The fall is one of our personal favorite times on the East End to enjoy with family and friends. Some great fall projects to consider are freshening up a hand-painted kitchen or other will work in the house for a fresh facelift, create a wonderful outdoor kitchen, seating and firepit area. And of course fall is a great time to update your plantings for next summer. — Gary Ciuffo, Ciuffo Cabinetry

Recover outdoor cushions and add outdoor drapery to spruce up outdoor living. Linda Nuszen, Windows & Walls Unlimited

A great outdoor project for the fall is updating your deck/patio before the weather changes so it’s ready for next season. It’s also the perfect time to add a firepit or fire table to extend the time you spend outside. — Shannon Willey, Sea Green Designs LLC

Outdoor Showers, outdoor firepits and outdoor kitchens. These projects are best to do in the fall because the spring season is a busy time for many contractors and your project will be ready to enjoy for the beginning of the season. — Melinda Schaefer, Hardy Plumbing

Tell us a bit about how you change your own home—inside and/or outside—for the fall season.

The way we love to change our personal home is to emphasize the feeling of fall by warming up the tones of the subtle accents across the house, swapping flowers for longer lasting décor, and introducing seasonal plants and flowers. Changing out spices and candles also helps to make our home welcoming to fall and all the fun it brings. — Gary Ciuffo, Ciuffo Cabinetry

Accent pillows are an economical and easy way to change your home décor for different seasons. For a more dramatic change, you could redo your drapery to reflect the warmth and coziness of the autumn season. Linda Nuszen, Windows & Walls Unlimited

This time of year, I change the front porch flowerpots, add some pumpkins and, sometimes, cornhusks. Inside, I change the bed covers from lightweight coverlets to layers of blankets and duvets, and I add some fall accents to our table top. Sometimes, I’ll also switch out throw pillows to ones with warmer colors like dusty rose or paprika. Shannon Willey, Sea Green Designs LLC

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