The Good Times Ahead

Hamptons Editorial

Any suggestion that the traffic or economy has weakened the East End’s standing as a world class resort destination can be put to rest after what, by all accounts, has been a spectacular season.

First and foremost, the sparkling weather has visitors flocking to our beaches in record numbers, yet the pristine condition and relaxed atmosphere belie the crowds.

There were some grumblings the summer rental market was off, but it certainly wasn’t visible in our thriving night-life scene; a tip of the hat to law enforcement personnel who kept things cool without infringing on the party.

It’s not over yet. Summer has nearly a month to go, and locals will tell you September is the best month of all. The water is warm and the beaches are relatively empty. When one considers two of the top public beaches in the world are accessible to visitors for a modest fee with plenty of parking it makes us wonder anew if “the season” really doesn’t peak until now.

Better still, rentals for September and October can be had for a fraction of what a couple weeks in midsummer would cost. Why not negotiate a smart price and stay through Columbus Day?

Some cautionary words: the kids will be on the streets next week, walking to and from school. They tend to run in packs and wander onto the roadways. Drivers need to be aware. Not long ago we lost a young student when he was clipped by a car while innocently walking around a curve.

When the weather finally does cool, we will have a round of local elections — always an exciting time — and then, of course, the end-of-year holidays.

There is no longer a “Tumbleweed Tuesday,” when the sidewalks roll up after Labor Day. We now have the best of both worlds — a gorgeous summer paradise the equal of any on the planet, and a vibrant year-round, thriving community that enjoys the beauty of the winter.

Proof positive we must never waiver on our commitment to the environment, clean waterways, farm fields, and pristine beaches: These are the drawing cards, the reasons we love it here, and visitors pay so much to enjoy even a snippet of life in paradise.

By the way, speaking of farm fields, make sure to sample the local tomatoes, corn, and other goodies from the farm stands, and get some fresh fish right out of the water. There’s nothing better.

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