Welcome, Strangers

Hamptons Editorial

This weekend is not only Columbus Day weekend, but the Hamptons International Film Festival as well, and East Hampton and the surrounding hamlets and villages will be buzzing. Look for Indy’s special coverage in this week’s arts section. (You’ll notice the paper is free: not bad for one of the best weekly newspapers in the state.)

One thing we bemoan is the film-centric HIFF visitors often don’t have time, or are completely unaware, of the joys of the world beyond the film venues. For example, you can walk from Main Street in East Hampton Village to one of the best ocean beaches in the world. Montauk, home of the iconic lighthouse and the fishing capital of the state, is a short (and gorgeous) car ride away.

Want to combine the two? It may be hard for some visitors to fathom, but fish are literally jumping out of the water this time of season: hundreds of luscious striped bass and bluefish every day, there for anyone with a makeshift pole and a shiny lure. You don’t need a boat — the action is right on the beach. Mundane for some locals? That’s sad, if true. A lot of folks go a lifetime without ever catching fish like these.

There are thousands of acres of woodland, preserved in pristine state, overflowing with rare birds. Turkeys and deer roam freely throughout the town. The beaches are home to rare fauna and double dunes. The thousands of acres of farmland are still yielding not only fall crops, but corn and the best tomatoes around. Stop at a locally owned farm stand and take some home.

This may be the best weekend of the entire year to observe Mother Nature in her glory.

There will be a lot of great movies shown, but keep in mind the best show in town is right outside your door.

Of course, a lot of folks come for the weekend to a get a glimpse of world-famous celebrities. Forgive those of us who live here if we are a bit jaded. This is the Hamptons, and we see the rich and famous at the post office and in the grocery store all the time. We’re just another pretty face to them!

It’s a big weekend what with all the movie stars and visitors. Forgive those of us who live here year-round if we gloat just a bit: We live in a paradise, and it doesn’t turn into a pumpkin come Monday. Come visit us again, any time.

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