State-Of-The-Art Imaging On The East End

A 3.0 Tesla MR system scan. Independent/Courtesy GE for Stony Brook Southampton Hospital

Stony Brook Southampton Hospital is installing a 3.0 Tesla MR system that combines advancements in magnetic resonance imaging with the engineering of a 3.0T wide-bore system to deliver higher-resolution images.

“The 3.0T MR provides our community with access to the latest in diagnostic imaging technology,” said Kevin Unruh, vice president of allied health and support services for Stony Brook Southampton Hospital. “This scanner is redefining the imaging experience with feet-first comfort options, advanced technology that makes the scan as quiet as a whisper, and a wide-bore system that comfortably fits most every patient.”

The only one of its kind on the East End, the scanner redefines the imaging experience by providing a more comfortable and less claustrophobic experience, which Unruh said is good news for those requiring neurological, breast, prostate, and orthopedic imaging, and excellent image quality to radiologists and physicians.

“Stony Brook Medicine is the birthplace of modern imaging, thanks to the invention and development of the MRI at the university,” said Dr. Mark Schweitzer, chair of the Department of Radiology at Stony Brook Medicine. “Our goal is to bring innovations in healthcare and pioneering technology to our patients.”

With adaptable coil designs and acceleration techniques that minimize scan times, the 3.0T MR scanner will dramatically improve clinical performance levels, according to the hospital.

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