Matriark: A Store And More

Bridget LeRoy
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If Matriark were a real ark, then Patricia Assui-Reed would be its Noah. Coming from the world of high-end retail, Assui-Reed and her family moved out to the area a few years ago, but rather than continue in her line of work, she has opened her space — at 133 Main Street in Sag Harbor – to support women-owned lines and host events that empower females.

I mean, how many stores have a manifesto? Not too many. The store boasts clothing, shoes, jewelry, chocolates, books, and more all created by women.

“We are women first, women led, and women powered,” the company website reads. “We exist to advance women’s equality, thoughtfully and purposefully, and to celebrate the women who came to make the world a more beautiful place.”

There’s also a Matriark Club, free to join, founded by Assui-Reed; Amanda Fairbanks (of the sadly-defunct The SHED); Tia Greene, creator and founder of Liebe PR, Judi Caron and Theresa Roden of i-tri, and others. The subscription-based club offers in-space talks, the first on January 13, which featured a conversation with Roden and artist and philanthropist Toni Ross.

WE GATHER GOODS founder Whitney Crutchfield will be part of a discussion January 28, and Tate’s Bake Shop founder Kathleen King will be in February 10.

“The Matriark Club is an invitation to show up for ourselves, and for each other,” the subscription page reads. “We will bring multi-generational members together to share kindness, culture, and wisdom through conversations, workshops, dinners, and so much more. Together, we will get inspired and learn from each other, nurture our multidimensional lives, and help shape the culture toward gender equality and inclusivity.”

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