East Hampton Supervisor Calls For Calm

Peter Van Scoyoc
East Hampton Town Supervisor, Peter Van Scoyoc
T.E McMorrow

East Hampton Town Supervisor Peter Van Scoyoc wants an end to the panic buying that has been stripping shelves in supermarkets and stores across East Hampton.

“We have enough food and supplies to get us through this crisis, but we have to think not only of ourselves,” Van Scoyoc said in an impromptu “state-of-the-crisis” talk that kicked off the March 17 town board meeting. “Please, it is time to think of other family, friends, and neighbors who might need supplies, and purchase only what you need.”

Van Scoyoc asked fulltime residents and city dwellers who have come east to ride out the storm to “also consider those in our community who will need extra assistance.”

“We have faced many storms in East Hampton over our history: blizzards, nor’easters, hurricanes, but no storm has been as insidious as COVID-19. This is a serious disease,” he said. “Unlike a hurricane, this storm surge can be flattened. Its effects can be blunted. I ask that everyone work together. Be patient. Be calm.”

The March 19 board meeting was cancelled. The next town board meeting is scheduled for April 2.

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