Personal Protective Equipment Shortage

Kathleen Johnson

Whether it’s masks, gloves, eyewear, or disinfectant wipes, local doctor’s offices and hospitals are running low due to the uptick in patients who may have COVID-19.

It’s not just a local problem — it’s national. Health care workers are suffering a shortage of personal protective equipment and Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone is looking to collect what he can with a drive starting Monday.

 “The county is looking to solicit donations of N95 masks — construction masks — ear loop face masks, gowns, and gloves from the construction industry, building trades, and others in organized labor,” according to the Suffolk County website. “These are typical supplies that would ordinarily be used on work sites. Additionally, the county is looking to solicit donations of ear loop masks and gloves from the personal service industry” whose businesses are now temporarily shuttered.

On weekdays between 10 AM and 2 PM, drop off supplies at the Suffolk County Fire Academy at 102 East Avenue in Yaphank. Residents can email [email protected] regarding a large donation of supplies or a potential vendor opportunity.

Stony Brook University is also holding a donation drive, collecting personal protective equipment for the staff at Stony Brook University Hospital. Items needed include face shields, N95 masks, protective eyewear, goggles, disinfectant wipes, hand sanitizer, and other supplies required for staff safety.

“It’s amazing how people can come together to support one another in a time of crisis,” said Stony Brook University Hospital CEO Carol Gomes. “We’ve seen many posts from friends and neighbors offering donations to help the staff at Stony Brook University Hospital. The entire campus community deeply appreciates the outpouring of support. We are grateful for the community’s willingness to help one another. We’re all in this together.”

If members of the community have medical supplies or comfort care items to donate, they can contact Joan Dickinson, Stony Brook University’s community relations director, at [email protected] or call 631-219-0603.

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