Brown’s Hotel London Signature Salad

Brown’s Hotel London

Who: Chef Adam Byatt

Instagram: @AdamByatt

Chef Byatt’s Guest-Worthy Recipe: Brown’s Hotel London Signature Salad

Why? This vibrant salad makes the perfect healthy but hearty lunch or as a side dish to enjoy during dinner. It consists of taste popping ingredients, from gorgonzola to grapefruit and walnuts.


One Comice pear

One red endive

One yellow endive

1/2 bunch watercress

1 c Gorgonzola

1/2 c milk

One pink grapefruit

1/2 c walnuts

1/2 c sugar

2 c water


Cut the base from both endive and remove the outside leaves. Peel down the inside layers, trim the bottoms, and place into ice water to keep them crisp. Pick through the watercress and reserve in the ice water.

Peel and segment the grapefruit and cut the segments into three pieces each. Reserve the grapefruit juice.

Quarter and finely slice the pear. Reserve.

Place the Gorgonzola into a pan with the milk and bring to a simmer. Remove and allow to cool slightly.

Place the cheese mix into a processor add 30ml (about two tablespoons) olive oil, three spoons of the grapefruit juice, and blend to a smooth emulsion. Reserve.

Place the sugar and water in a pan and bring to a boil. Add the walnuts and cook for two minutes. Remove the nuts and deep fry at 180c (356 F) for two minutes, reserve, and cool them before chopping roughly for the salad.

To dress the salad — place the drained endive, the grapefruit, pear slices, watercress, walnuts, and spoonful of the blue cheese dressing into a bowl and carefully toss together. Build the salad on the plate and serve.

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