New Essay Explores the Groundbreaking Work of Dick Cavett

Dick Cavett.
Dick Cavett. Photo credit: Oscar A. Zagal

Hamptonite Dick Cavett, now 83 years old, had an incredible run on television. His eponymous talk show, The Dick Cavett Show, featured interviews with tons of celebrities, from Paul Newman to Sag Harborite Julie Andrews to Marlon Brando and more. A new essay by BBC’s Christina Newland explores the legacy of Cavett’s work, which went beyond typical talk show interviews for more in-depth discussions.

Newland writes, “Dick Cavett was not, on appearance, the kind of brazen media figure such a vendetta might suggest. He was a physically unimposing former comedian with a neat blond side-parting; mild-mannered, hyper-cultured, and thoroughly liberal, in spite of welcoming guests from across the political spectrum. His talk show was popular, sure, but acted as a more cerebral counterpoint to mainstream peers like Johnny Carson and Merv Griffin, who both remained firmly above him in ratings.”

Cavett has a long history in the Hamptons. His Montauk estate is currently for sale, and he has been an active member of the arts community on the East End, reading the winning essay at the Dan’s Papers Literary Prize in 2018 and being involved with the Hamptons International Film Festival.

The TV icon’s fascinating interviews are archived on YouTube. Check them out here.

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