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Where did all the ice cream go!? We may have all done our essential visits to the local grocery stores recently and noticed how empty those freezer shelves were. Trust me, I was a bit disappointed when I did not see my favorite Ben & Jerry’s Half Baked FroYo in stock. But let that be a sign of how we can better approach our day-to-day routine.

Drawing our focus into a well-rounded wellness routine may be more important than ever.

Leap back into wellness with tips from notable Hamptons-based fitness trainers and nutritionists that may provide a stable base for beginning and maintaining your feel-good journey. These tips are meant to be fitting for everyone of all ages, including the youngest members of your family.


What is that first step we could take? Nutrition expert and wellness coach Sarah Wragge recommends drinking water, and plenty of it.

“The first thing to do is drink water. I cannot stress this enough,” she said. “A lot of the times we are hungry is because we are dehydrated. Drink water, and then decide what you really need.”

Next, create a super-food base.

“Get your greens in,” Wragge said. “I prefer to drink them first thing in the morning as a fresh green juice. This creates alkalinity in the body and will kill those sugar and comfort food cravings.”

Wragge also swears by the 80/20 rule: 80 percent plants, 20 percent protein.

“I am currently obsessed with lentils, because they are a plant-based protein that offers 18 grams of protein in one cup,” she said.

And, ice cream is OK, in moderation.

“My sweet treats are Simple Mills pancake mix and NadaMoo! dairy-free rocky road ice cream,” Wragge said.

For those young, picky eaters she believes in exposing them to better versions of foods they are used to eating, like healthier versions of pasta and pancakes.

“For pasta, try Jovial brown rice pasta instead,” Wragge said. “A staple of my family is Jovial pasta with Rao’s tomato sauce. We add Kite Hill almond milk cream cheese to make it like a vodka sauce. Yum!”

For me and my family, I start by not purchasing sweets and treats when out at the grocery store. It seems they make their way into my home no matter what, like when they are gifted by friends and relatives. I also started infusing my water with mint leaves, sliced cucumber, and sliced fruit. It is so much fun to pair these new flavors with a great workout indoors. My children also love being junior taste-testers with these new water infusions.


Our thought process is what leads our daily habits. Reset your habits to make sure they are beneficial to you and your mental wellbeing. One way to start, for example, is with a little tune. Kristin Sudeikis, the founder of the dance cardio class FORWARD_Space in New York City calls on music to energize, calm, and inspire.

I love dancing around to DJNice when he spins on IG Live, and also tuning into live classes on the FORWARD__Space Virtual Hub,” Sudeikis said. “I truly love vibing with the different styles and personalities of each instructor.”

A great film is another option, especially for winding down after a busy and fulfilling day.

“Watch films that inspire or uplift your spirit,” Sudeikis said. “I have personally enjoyed watching the movie ‘Booksmart,’ directed by Olivia Wilde, and the Netflix documentary ‘Becoming’ by Michelle Obama.”


Now is the time to physically leap into your wellness routine and maintain that velocity — dedication leads to results. Remember, we have to earn those treats. Barry’s Bootcamp trainer and Hamptons local Connor Miller has some thoughts on how to get started.

“Take this time out of the physical gym building to enjoy what’s around you,” Miller said. “There are so many beautiful places to run, bike, or paddleboard. This crisis has also created a boom in virtual content, so your access to amazing trainers has never been greater.”

In addition to Miller’s recommendations, mix up your exercise routine with an assortment of sessions focused on cardio, weights, and flexibility. Get your whole family involved, put on some fun music, and have fun running and jumping about the backyard or safely indoors.

Remember to consult your physician before beginning a new fitness or diet regimen.


Finding your inner peace and calm may be much easier than you’d imagine. It is also incredible to witness the positive effect just five or 10 minutes of solitude, uplifting thoughts, and meditation has on an individual. I recommend a morning meditation of 10 minutes to clear the mind and create a focus for the day. For the evening, sleep meditation has personally made a world of difference in my focus and inner peace. I find myself going to bed relieved of overwhelming thoughts that may crowd my subconscious. When the day has ended, make those last moments before bedtime all about you.

“When lying down at night just before you fall asleep, begin to name 10 specific things or moments of gratitude from the day that remind you of things to appreciate in life,” Sudeikis said. “Guided meditations by Dr. Megan Poe on our virtual hub, or quantum physicist Joe Dispenza on YouTube are also nice to help unwind the mind and slow down from the day.”

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Next week, I will share some of my favorite healthy-packed meals across the Hamptons, and why you should be enjoying them, too! Share your feel-good tips, personal wellness and fitness journey, and nutritious meals by tagging @IndyEastEnd & @EastEndTaste on social media. We will be resharing our top picks!

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