Global Wellness Day

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As we enter each phase of reopening, we realize the effects of COVID-19 are far from over. In mid-May, the United Nations called for an immediate look at

the mental health implications of the novel coronavirus pandemic.

“Psychological distress in populations is widespread,” a policy brief addressing not only people’s fear for their health, but the impacts of physical isolation, distance from loved ones, economic turmoil, and uncertainty caused by misinformation read. “A long-term upsurge in the number and severity of mental health problems is likely.”

The report further detailed the novel coronavirus’s impact on brain health, including neurological manifestations from headaches with impaired senses, with the most vulnerable being frontline workers, the elderly, and children. While it’s still too soon for statistics on the direct correlation between overall emotional health and COVID-19, leading health experts from across the globe agree that there will be an uptick in physiological symptoms.

In light of this, Saturday, June 13, marks Global Wellness Day, first celebrated in Turkey in 2012. The not-for-profit day is a social project dedicated to overall well-being and perhaps a call to action unlike before. According to the website ( the main aims include recognizing value in our lives, pausing and thinking, ridding ourselves from the stress of everyday life, creating inner peace, and raising awareness on how to live better for the other 364 days of the year.

In addition to a 24-hour livestream celebration with 63 speakers and unlimited wellness tips on the Global Wellness Day website, another way to celebrate is to reach out to The Jaguar Path. Based out of Costa Rica, Ray and Nina Crist at The Jaguar Path ( offer distant shamanistic healing sessions for those who feel out of balance, energetically depleted, or questioning their purpose — things many of us are experiencing right now.

Whether or not one believes in the helper spirits used in shamanic healing, the power of the sessions goes beyond the physical world. Using reverberating sounds and a 15 to 30-minute therapeutic healing conversation, the session, at the heart of it, allows the individual to disconnect from the outside world and look inward. The Crists are connectors who have an innate ability to understand emotions, even through a computer screen, and sense vulnerabilities through tone and expressions. They use their powers, however one may interpret that, to guide participants to their inner thoughts and desires, opening up a new dialogue within. The session has a tremendous ability to free the mind, ground the soul, and reconnect oneself to a greater purpose beyond the immediate moment.

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