Ryde To The End

Independent/AJ Orellana

Montauk Surf, formerly known as Plaza Sports, wants visitors to enjoy their ride to The End with a new bike share company, Ryde Montauk, running out of their store. Simply download the app said to be compatible with all smartphones, locate a bike station, and the select the bike you want to rent. Through smart technology, the bike will electronically unlock from the rack. To return, just bring it back to any available station and press “end rental” in the app. It’s that easy.

“More visitors are opting for more sustainable ways to get around that won’t disturb our locals or our natural wildlife. As more people become aware and more sustainably minded, we want to be sure the options are there for us to make this planet a safer place. Bicycles are safer, help lower emissions, and encourage a healthier lifestyle,” Michelle Ferraro Tadross, owner of Ryde Montauk said.

Her father, Pete Ferraro, also known as “Plaza Pete,” has been a fixture in the community for years, as the owner of Montauk Surf. “It’s amazing to see how many people return each year to create new memories with their families, reminiscing about their own childhoods shopping with my father.”

Independent/AJ Orellana

In total, there are 40 bikes available to rent for either an hour or an entire day — perfect for visiting one of the area’s beloved landmark, the lighthouse, or going to the beach. The storefront always rented bikes out for locals and tourists, but COVID-19 “ushered in a new demand” for the local community to get around both safely and efficiently. The bike rental system allows riders to beat the traffic in an open air, eco-friendly fashion.

As pandemic concerns still press on, this system allows renters to avoid waiting on lines, as in previous summers. In addition, staff clean the bikes and their stations several times a day along with providing sanitary wipe stations for customers to use at their discretion before and after riding. It’s a measure to keep all individuals safe and physically active after spending months cooped up inside.

Bike pricing is determined on the app. The company is currently only operating in Montauk but there are plans to expand to the rest of the Hamptons. Learn more by visiting www.rydemontauk.com.

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