Southampton Town Police Convince Man With Gun to Surrender Peacefully


Police negotiators were able to convince a man who barricaded himself with a gun inside a house in Speonk to come out before hurting himself or anyone else on Friday evening, according to Southampton Town police.

Police received a call that the 48-year-old had locked himself inside a house on Hickory Bend with a shotgun and threatened to hurt himself at a 7:17 p.m. No one else was inside.

Multiple patrol units responded and the first officer arrived on scene three minutes later. A perimeter was set up and officers heard a single gunshot from within the residence. Police later found he had discharged the shotgun, but shot an inanimate object.

Negotiators were able to contact the man by phone, and convinced him to exit the dwelling at 7:38 p.m., 21 minutes after the initial 911 call.

He was not hurt and was taken into custody without incident. He was transported to an area hospital for evaluation, police said.

The man’s name was not released because no charges were filed against him.

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