Owner of Missing Weimaraner Afraid Dog May Have Been Stolen

Alex Berg shown here with Jeff, a missing 1-year-old Weimaraner. IndyEastEnd.com/Courtesy photo

Phil Berg and his entourage of dogs is a common sight in Montauk, whether he is in downtown Montauk or Eddie Ecker Park. After all, Berg and his Viking helmet was well-known for riding with one of them in a basket on his motorcycle.

But now, one of those dogs has disappeared, and Berg is fearful that it has been stolen.

The missing 1-year-old Weimaraner, named Jeff, actually belongs to his son, Alex, who is away at law school.

Phil Berg likes to take his dogs — two Weimaraners he owns and two others that come from the same litter that he is looking after — in his van to the park at the end of Navy Road. “They all went for a run last Thursday,” Berg said on Thursday. Jeff got separated from the pack. “He must of chased a deer,” Berg said.

The other dogs returned, but not Jeff. After a few days of searching, Berg brought in a woman who specializes in tracking missing dogs. Using a Belgian Malinois, she followed Jeff’s path into the woods, north of the park, around the recycling center and across Montauk Highway. The trail led to Lincoln Road, near the Seafarer’s Cottages. There, the track stops cold, as if someone in a car picked the animal up and drove off.

Berg hopes that whoever did it was genuinely trying to save the dog and not just steal it. He is offering a reward for its return.  The Bergs can be reached at either 631-379-7500 or 619-301-9610.

The missing dog poster.

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