Paul McCartney Talks New Album “McCartney III”

Paul McCartney

Hamptonite Paul McCartney recently discussed his forthcoming album, McCartney III, with The New York Times Magazine.

“At no point did I think: I’m making an album. I’d better be serious,” McCartney told the publication. “This was more like: You’re locked down. You can do whatever the hell you want. What I’m amazed with is that I’m not fed up with music. Because, strictly speaking, I should have gotten bored years ago.”

McCartney also reflects on the late Beatles member George Harrison in the fascinating interview: “John [Lennon] is probably the one in the group you would remember, but the circumstances of his death were particularly harrowing. When you die horrifically, you’re remembered more. But I like your point, which is: What about George? I often think of George because he was my little buddy. I was thinking the other day of my hitchhiking bursts. This was before the Beatles. I suddenly was keen on hitchhiking, so I sold this idea to George and then John.”

McCartney III releases on December 18.

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