New Digs for Southampton Village Mayor Jesse Warren

Jesse Warren
Jesse Warren is a 10-year Southampton Village business owner.

Southampton Village Mayor Jesse Warren, who was infamously evicted last year after the former mayor bought the home Warren was renting, is starting the new year as a first-time homebuyer. 

After looking at more than two dozen properties in the village, Warren recently closed on a one-story, three-bedroom fixer upper in late December. While he remains focused on mayoral duties, he’s also currently juggling repairs, packing, and moving.

“I got extremely, extremely lucky and I am very happy that this whole situation is over and that I can get a fresh start in the new year,” Warren told Dan’s Papers. “I am really looking forward to ending this chapter.”

Maintaining a residence in Southampton village was key to Warren keeping his mayorship, as non-residents cannot hold the office. But his predecessor, Mark Epley, purchased the David Whites Lane home for $1.5 million over the summer and then declined to renew his lease.

Warren was thankful that he was able to find a new place, but was saddened that his neighbors who rented another apartment on the property are moving to Manorville.

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