Chef Highlight: Philippe Corbet, Lulu Kitchen & Bar

Lulu Kitchen & Bar executive chef Philippe Corbet
Philippe Corbet of Lulu Kitchen & Bar
Eric Striffler

Lulu Kitchen & Bar executive chef Philippe Corbet was born in the small town of Chambéry, France, in the county of Savoie. He grew up in a family of chefs and developed an expert knowledge of food at an early age. While living in Savoie, he formally studied the art of cooking, earning a four-year chef’s degree and graduating first in his class. From there, he worked in a variety of Michelin-starred restaurants—including the famed Georges Blanc in Vonnas Ain—where he honed his skills and developed an interest in world cuisines.

While in France at the young age of 24, misfortune struck Corbet when he received a phone call at work—the apartment where he had been living had burned to the ground. It was a total loss. Not to be defeated by such an event, Corbet saw this as an opportunity to come to the United States and continue expanding his gastronomic horizons. Within weeks, he sold his last remaining possession, his car, and he came to the East End to begin cooking at one of the Hamptons’ most enduring and successful restaurants, Stone Creek Inn in East Quogue.

While at Stone Creek Inn, Corbet experimented with new cooking techniques and developed a deeper understanding of the American palate. Corbet stayed at Stone Creek Inn for several years, but eventually decided to try his hand in the New York City restaurant scene. He accepted the position of executive chef at Bouley, one of New York’s consistently top-rated restaurants, and one that holds two Michelin stars.

After a successful stint at Bouley, Corbet was more passionate about food and cooking than ever. He wanted to create his own brand and focus his time and efforts on crafting the dishes he loved. As a result, he moved back to Suffolk County, where he became the executive chef at Oscar’s of St. James and then a partner at Roots Bistro Gourmand in West Islip. Roots was a small, beautiful, restaurant in West Islip with a focus on gastronomic cooking and custom chef’s tastings. It was there that he truly expanded his love and understanding for Long Island produce, wines, etc. He worked closely with local purveyors to source the best ingredients. He then transformed them into dishes that can only be described as works of art.

Corbet met Steven Jauffrineau in the Spring of 2016 and was taken on as a consultant to open Arbor in Montauk. He turned consulting into a full-time project. He then became a part of Montauk Asset Holdings (MAH). Arbor opened with a fresh, beautiful menu and space. MAH then opened Lulu Kitchen and Bar in Sag Harbor where Corbet has developed a menu with the focus on local and fresh. It is crafted and innovative yet approachable and comfortable. Lulu’s is a space with an open kitchen, wood-fire grill and market vegetable counter.

Lulu Kitchen & Bar is located at 126 Main Street, Sag Harbor. To learn more, visit

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