Victoria’s Secrets: Spring Blooms

A sign thanking Nancy Burner’s firm and her “Third Age Unplugged” concept.
A sign thanking Nancy Burner’s firm and her “Third Age Unplugged” concept.

As I left the Hamptons and drove on the Long Island Expressway heading west to my home, I was struck by the burst of bright yellow forsythias brightening the landscape.

The stunning bushes offered a spectacular view compared to the still dull trees along the roadway. I know they are the first flowers to bloom in the spring, and the trees that will burst open with leaves are coming soon.

I have a large bush outside my bathroom window and each day I see the little buds of green sprouts getting bigger and bigger. I’m enjoying seeing each day bring new life to our strange world.

Vaccine doubters must follow the facts. Photo: Getty Images

It’s still shocking to me that intelligent and informed people are still resisting getting the COVID-19 vaccine that can keep us all safe. The FDA has not yet done a longitudinal study of the different COVID-19 vaccines, but when polio struck, there was a huge push to get the vaccine out as fast as possible.

Fast forward to today, and our world remains struck with a pandemic. Friends of mine have told me they don’t believe the scientists — after all, Dr. Fauci changed his messaging, but, as I told my friends, that’s because new facts came out. But so many have still refused to listen to science. It’s scary to me that their fear is so overwhelming, that the facts don’t seem to matter to them.

If you want to learn more about the facts surrounding the COVID-19 vaccines, I encourage you to visit Pass the website along to friends who fear or feel the vaccine is not for them. Hopefully facts will overcome fear.

New friends

Part of entering new worlds, as I did with our acquisition of Dan’s Papers in the Hamptons, is meeting new people.

One person who has become a dear friend is Nancy Burner, who runs Burner Law Group, P.C., with offices in Manhattan, Sayville and Westhampton. She created the firm that now has 24 women working with her.

Being an estate planning specialist, she decided the clients she works with have so much to offer after they have “retired “ from their fields. She was inspired to create the concept of the Third Age Unplugged.

I didn’t quite understand it until I attended with Nancy a showing of a documentary she sponsored about the women who volunteer at the Westhampton Performing Arts Center. Each woman, in their own way, has made another life from their previous life. Nancy believes we have the opportunity to reinvent ourselves and take on a new life of experiences that will keep us vibrant.

I’ve had seven different careers, so I totally get the idea of reinventing myself. I’ve naturally gone into careers as my life has changed and opportunities have come my way. Being in the community news business was nothing I prepared for — it happened serendipitously. I wonder if Nancy would consider my life as a “Third Age Unplugged.”

Dining delights 

My brother Bob lives in Easthampton and for decades I have driven on Montauk Highway passing the Old Stove Pub restaurant, just off the road in Sagaponack. But I never made the turn into their long driveway until this past week.

The historic restaurant, housed in a 1929 building and known for its great steaks and Greek specialties has been reinvented and re-invigorated by Joseph DeCristofaro. He graciously hosted me and my friend Joan for a delightful dinner surrounded by the stunning colorful art of LeRoy Neiman.

LeRoy Neiman’s impressive paintings enhance the pub’s dining room.
Joseph DeCristofaro has completely reinvigorated Old Stove Pub!

Their reputation stands for superb steaks, particularly their famous 20-ounce prime, dry-aged beef strip loin. But what surprised me was their artfully designed sushi. They were a treat for the eyes and the palate!

My favorite is the tuna special roll of sashimi tuna-wrapped spicy tuna tartare, cucumber, shiitake mushrooms and avocado — delicious! Their sushi chef is an artist and has fish freshly delivered each day.

John has created a beautiful setting with large windows looking out on the farmland property.  He is putting up a tent so they can host parties on weekdays and weekends — how exciting!

Old Stove Pub is a must for dining in the Hamptons. Until Memorial Day, they are open from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. Thursday through Saturday. It’s a perfect setting with plenty of parking!

So make sure you take the left turn at the red neon sign off Montauk Highway and you will also be delighted by the stellar dining experience! Call 631-537-3300 to make a reservation!

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